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More clips from AsylumCon!

Since so many people requested more clips, here are more videos that I have from various panels over the AsylumCon weekend with the other awesome guests! All are uploaded at DailyMotion, but you can easily save them with www.keepvid.com by using the permanent URL of the video and choosing DailyMotion.

Alan Ritchson singing at the end of his Sunday panel:

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Here is the most requested video, I think! Here is part of Justin Hartley's Sunday panel (cut in 2 vids so I could upload it faster). I absolutely love this guy! He was so entertaining to listen to him babble on and on! ;) I just LOVE it when he explains how he is NOT changing his daughter's diapers anymore and he just pauses and says, "God, what am I talking about?" Also, purplephoenix03, I think he's talking to you when he says to not visit Detroit, right? ;) Also - having to look down to know which direction to look at, wanting his wife's voice for his GPS, and talking with his southern accent!

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This is pretty short, but here is Alona talking about going into the army right after high school and then the change from filming in Israel to the US. I love this girl, and I did feel bad when later on she was talking about reading the reactions to Jo online b/c many people were pretty harsh, myself included. But y'know, I'm not a huge fan of Jo and still am not, honestly. However, I would like to see her back in S b/c she's gotta come find Ellen!

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Another short one of Nicki talking about working with JDM:

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Here are two of my absolutely FAVORITE songs by Jason Manns, "Visions" and "Your Song." I wish I had gotten his entire opening statement for "Visions". I think it was something along the lines of, "I love that you guys are clapping" and we all think he means applauding after each song, so we just start clapping right away, which makes him laugh, but then he explains that he means during the songs.

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And then here are 3 clips from Saturday's first panel with Justin Hartley and Alan Ritchson. Alan seems like such a huge adorkable sweetie and Justin is just hilarious. "Britney Spears. DONE. Next question!" I think this guy was made to do comedy. Justin and Alan spend way too much time talking about MySpace, and they were funny together.

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and Me, Nathan, Alan

Sunday Con Video AND Panel Audio! Now with the Closing Ceremonies!

Yay! So we're in London and we're taking today easy because I am exhausted after the weekend and there was a big delay with all of the trains so we didn't get into London until 4, when I thought we'd be getting here around 12:00.

So, what does that mean?

Plenty of time to upload the AsylumCon panels!

I don't know why, but I did the days in reverse...I think I just wanted to get the Wincest Q and A online ASAP. So, I have all of my Jensen videos and audios from his Sunday panel online right now. I'm still working on Saturday stuff and will get that up soon, too. Um, and I'm sorry that my laugh and screaming both sound so stupid!

Jensen walking RIGHT by me leaving the autograph room during the Lunch break on Sunday. We fans applaud the hotness.

Jensen entering his 4:30 panel on Sunday afternoon:

Jensen explaining the whole "He and Jared wearing dresses - and wigs!" He's all like, "yeah, so?"

The closing ceremony with all of the guests giving their thank yous. Kinda choppy b/c I kept pausing the video, but y'know, Jensen is pretty. ;)

OK, and here we are with the audio recordings of the majority of the panel. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT GO CRAZY SHARING THESE LINKS. THEY ARE HOSTED ON MY OWN WEB SERVER AND I DON'T WANT TO KILL MY BANDWIDTH. Just "Right Click - Save As" to save the files. If you want to share them at other communities, please save them yourself and upload them to a site like yousendit or sendspace. Thank you!! :)

Jensen Discussing Shakespeare

Jensen discussing, yep, you read it right - Wincest
"You - well, not you, but - some of those fan fictions have some very, very crazy ideas. And sometimes very disturbing...ideas. Um. One of my favorites is, uh...Wincest?"
The clip also includes the questions about filming, the end of the series, a hug between Sam and Dean (Also, Jensen bringing up Wincest again), and filming the emotional scenes. HAHA. I can't get over that HE brought up the Wincest.

"I love the way he says that."
Haha. Jensen with his "Sam line," his interests in directing, working with James Cameron, his cell phone, what dance Dean would dance to at his wedding, a quick convo with Alona about him having to sing REO Speedwagon and I think she started cracking up in the balcony. Hee!

Jensen on Dean
Mmmmmm. Haha, OK, not quite like that.

And we're back to Wincest
"You said doodoo."
Hee! And Jensen complains that Dean eats too much, discussing his one big fight with Jared, and his best and worst physical feature. PLEASE tell me someone has a video of that when he looks down.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(You KNOW you're jealous!) Heeee!

Here is my write up for AsylumCon Day 2. Report and picspam - VERY image heavy, especially with Jensen's panel.

Here is all my LOOT from the weekend! (Well, minus a couple photos that are being mailed to my house). I had to take photos of them since I'm lacking a scanner, but will probably scan them in for better quality when we get home.

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OK, so here is the GOOD stuff! (Including the video of Allison singing!)

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OK, so that was it for the con! It was AMAZING and WOW. The US needs a SPN con, seriously.

I know I'm missing info and quotes from the actors, but I'm absolutely exhausted, so I will try to add all of that soon. And I promise I will try to get the clips online somehow - that is, if you don't mind my stupid laughter/a sneeze/and talky talk in the background? Let me know?

Oh! And P.S. Jared is a blonde.
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AsylumCon Day 2 write up coming soon!


MY LOOT! And I think I died when Jensen smiled at me.

Allison sang and she was AMAZING.

DUDE. Jensen, Jared, Kim Manners, and Kripke all know about the Wincest. And he and Jared and looked at it together.

Um...more as soon as I go through the photos and get stuff uploaded.
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Jason Manns and Jensen Ackles Performing TOGETHER!

I'm sorry I keep spamming my flist, but seriously? I don't think you guys
mind this weekend. ;)

"Crazy Love" Jason Manns ft. Jensen Ackles:

And here's the end of the show, because I love Jensen talkin' praise about Jason and their little knuckles-hitting thing. And while we're on the topic, why isn't Jason more popular? I've listened to his CD and all, and it's great, but LIVE, he was AMAZING! This guy needs more popularity!:

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So that's all for tonight! Tomorrow I'm getting my photo taken with Jensen and autographs from him. Everyone is doing another panel, so I'm aiming to get great seats for Jensen's!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

This just in...

Jensen sang "Crazy Love" with Jason Manns during his concert!!!!


OMG you guys I was in the best place and got great picture! And it's uploading on YouTube right now.

And I remembered something else Allison said! When she's typing on the computer in her scenes in the DP, she's typing her lines. When Tom is typing on the computer he just types his name over and over. TOMTOMTOMTOMTOM.

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AsylumCon Day 1

SO! THE day of all days! 700 fangirls, 7 actors. Endless ways for everything to go wrong. (Ahem…)

Surprisingly, things went rather smooth the entire day (*sigh* with the exception of one thing...see my post for more). It was chaos at the very beginning of the day but once people started catching on to where they were supposed to go when, it got a lot better.

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Feel free to share this post with others who might be interested in the con! It's not f-locked!
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AsylumCon Day 1 write up coming NOW.



And Jensen told "The Bee Story" - and it was like the extended version! Seriously, longer than Paley, longer than online interviews. The ULTIMATE bee story.

I think I'm in love with Justin Hartley. And Jensen is absolutely GORGEOUS.