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LOOK! LOOK! cpresc 21 is AWESOME and started recording RIGHT when I got up there and said hello to Jensen at the 2:00 Saturday stage door signings. WHEEEE! I'm giddy b/c I have the whole moment for keeps now. You can't hear me, but you can hear and see Jensen's reactions.

I know I started out by saying, "So, I told you I'd make it here for your play!" and then I have to remind him "From the convention in England?" And then I know I say "I'm good" and then "Of course!" when he says I made it to the play...and then I say how great he was and what a good job he did, which he responds with the "Thank you" bit.

So I'm up in Baltimore for the weekend and will get back to any and all happenings on LJ when I get back home Sunday night!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Woops! So apparently I had another video!


So, I was moving files from my camera to my hard drive and opened one that was the very beginning of when Jensen comes out after the Saturday 8:00 show that I didn't even know I had! The thumbnail icon was black, so I thought it was either a photo or an audio recording.

Anyway! Here he is right when he comes out, yelling at Lou to "run, baby, run!" and muttering "something about the uniform" and talking about "keep watching [SPN] we need all the help we can get" and "All RIGHT! Pulling more fans!" re: the two old ladies who will now watch SPN. :P You can't see it on the video, but he does this like...fist shake of triumph when he said that. SO CUTE.

And how OMGSWEET is it that HE is the one saying "thank you" over and over?

They need to create a digital camera that will record AND you can still take photos at the same time! I was torn over what I wanted more - photos or video?
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Video from stage door signings!

So, here we go with the 2 videos I have from Saturday's stage door signings.

Here he is at the 2:00 show. Um...please IGNORE calicokat and my conversation. Haha. I'm so embarressed to be posting this video but y'know - JENSEN.

And here is the 8:00 signing. There are NO lights around the Stage Door area, so it was nearly impossible to see him unless there were flashes going off - which was frequently however. But there are a few great seconds of him smiling and answering our questions.

Re-watching it, I just love that he checks twice to see if "we're all good" and then says, "go home and get some sleep!"

AMAZING weekend! AMAZING friends! We must convince Jensen to do a play every summer in a different city!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Back in RVA :( And a small picspam!


I'm back in Richmond and am completely exhausted! I'm going to go to bed and will post videos tomorrow and get back to all those comments! :P

But, I do have a quick picspam of Sunday's happenings that black_regalia, baileytc, and I thought really hard on creating. ;)

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Seriously? A weekend I will NEVER EVER forget. Now I'm gonna want to rent "A Few Good Men" but I KNOW I'm gonna sit there and go "I just don't see Tom Cruise as Kaffee...that's Jensen's role!" He did an amazing job and it was so great to see us fans so appreciative and NOT crazy like at Asylum. I've decided the best parts were whenever Jensen was yelling at anyone. :P

But now I have used up my 2 yearly "HI JENSEN I'M HERE!" passes and must STOP THE STALKING. ;) (caliicokat...I think it should be 2 monthly times...) Hee!

Good night!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

A Few Good Men 2:00 & 8:00 & STAGE DOOR PHOTOS!


I just had to get that out of the way. Obviously.

And he actually remembered me, which y'know - HELLO AWESOME!

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OK, so we're doing TEXAS stuff tomorrow before we fly out. This weekend has been AMAZING!

And PLEASE TELL ME one of you at the stage door managed to get GOOD photos and video of the signing after the 8:00 show? I saw someone recording it on a camcorder! Upload please! *grabby hands*