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My Crazy Ramblings

17 June 1986

the girl

student. artist. art historian. model. fangirl. retail worker. bad case of wanderlust. sarcastic. wants to travel the world. wants to study in italy - again. shopaholic. addicted to shoes and handbags. loves her citizens (jeans).

the fandoms

supernatural. fringe. glee. avatar. star trek. doctor who. merlin. leverage. torchwood. bones. dollhouse. grey's anatomy. secret diary of a call girl. blood ties. moonlight. buffy. angel. firefly. veronica mars. queer as folk. high school musical. smallville.

the 'ships

sam/dean. dean/xander. jared/jensen. kirk/spock. kirk/mccoy. jack/ianto. merlin/arthur. jake/neytiri. spike/buffy. spike/angel. angel/cordelia. angel/faith. wesley/faith. dean/faith. sam/dawn. mal/inara. jayne/river. mick/beth. mick/josef. brennan/booth. hodgins/angela. chad/ryan. brian/justin. veronica/logan.

the journal

mainly friends only - comment to be added. graphics made by me unless otherwise posted. mood theme made by me - please credit if used!

1. Stylesheet for Component Style by xmirax
2. Stylesheet for Flexible Squares by refuted
3. Profile Layout by profile_layout and refuted

angel, art history, arthur/merlin, avatar, band of brothers, big damn heroes, blood ties, bones, brian/justin, browncoats, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, buffy/spike/angel, christine feehan, cordelia/angel, dashboard confessional, david boreanaz, dean winchester, dean/chloe, dean/sam, dean/xander, diana gabaldon, dragoncon, faith/wesley, firefly, fred/wesley, fringe, gerard butler, glee, glee music, greek and roman art, grey's anatomy, grey's anatomy music, harry potter, henry/vicki, high school musical, his dark materials trilogy, idina menzel, indiana jones, ipod, italian renaissance, italy, jack's mannequin, jack/ianto, james cameron, james horner, james marsters, jamie cullum, janto, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jason dorhing, jason manns, jeffery dean morgan, jensen ackles, john barrowman, john mayer, john williams, john winchester, johnny depp, jon stewart, joss whedon, karen marie moning, kim harrison, kinley macgregor, kirk acevedo, kirk/spock, kt tunstall, l. j. smith, lady gaga, laurell k. hamilton, lifehouse, lois and clark, lord of the rings, mal/inara, marching band, maroon 5, merlin, merlin/arthur, metallicar, michael rosenbaum, modeling, moonlight, nathan fillion, olivia/charlie, orlando bloom, padackles, paddywhack, pirates of the caribbean, project runway, queer as folk, queer as folk music, reading, renaissance art, rent, river/jayne, sam winchester, sam/dean, sandra oh, sarah maclachlan, serenity, sex and the city, shakira, sherrilyn kenyon, shopping, smallville, snow patrol, something corporate, spike/buffy, spuffy, spuffy fanfiction, star trek, star trek xi, stephen colbert, supernatural, supernatural crossovers, supernatural music, supernatural slash, tegan and sara, the colbert report, the daily show, the get up kids, tom welling, torchwood, traveling abroad, truthiness, vampire weekend, veronica mars, veronica mars music, veronica/logan, voyager, walter bishop, wicked, world war 2 history, writing