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OK, so I'm trying to remain calm, and will try to not go all fangirly when I start writing up how I feel about Jo in tonight's episode.

And can I just ask - do we know how OLD she is? I just looked at her all throughout tonight's episode, and thought - Wow. She looks like she is 18.

So. I thought, this is her last big episode for a while, let's see how things go.

How do I think they went? Not well.

First of all, and I think that this is the most important part so that's why I'm discussing it first, with her having to tag along with Dean, it's completely taking away any scenes with Sam and Dean. And this isn't just because I'm all OMG! WINCEST! YAY! - that's completely against the point I'm making here. Regardless of whatever subtext we look at, I know that we ALL love their relationship and the scenes with Sam and Dean being all brotherly, figuring things out together, and being all snarky and bantering back and forth. There wasn't ANY of that in the entire first half of this episode. Sam was barely in the first half of the episode since they were focusing on scenes with Jo and Dean. Heck, even in the second half it was so focused on rescuing Jo that we didn't get any scenes with them sitting in the hotel, the car - whatever - and talking a bit. Just being SamandDean.

So yeah. That really annoyed me. I know that Kripke said that regardless of what he did with introducing new people, he wouldn't take away from their onscreen time and relationship, but it just really, really gets to me that for the first half of tonight's episode it was Jo and Dean acting snarky. But it's 1 out of 22 episodes, so in the grand scheme of things, it isn't a big deal. But when you look at it episode by episode, it can be annoying.

And sure she put that case together, but she stupidly stared at the ectoplasm while going in an area by herself, and the first thing she does when she wakes up is go, "HELLO!? Anyone there?" Um. No. :P

I just feel like this character is being forced on us. I don't see any attraction with Dean being there. I don't see her as being an interesting character. She's a hunter groupie. I feel like she's trying TOO hard to be snarky and badass and act tough around the boys. She's trying to "be one of the boys" but it just seems forced. She's immature and it's just not working for me.

I enjoyed tonight's episode, and I think what helped me like it more is the fact that I just LOVE Ellen. And the end, I started getting really excited and thought OMG! Ellen/John DID Happen! But then - no. So yeah, let's screw Dean up even MORE and put more shit on his shoulders to bear. Good job, Jo. But it's an interesting concept and explains a lot - and something that I would LOVE to see in flashbacks!

Next week? Next week looks AWESOME!
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