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Supernatural 2x05 = LOVE

This episode is MADE OF AWESOME! And totally makes up for last week!!!

More coherent and less-CAPLOCKED squee!ing thoughts are now behind the cut.


DEAN SINGING! ACAPELLA! SINGING! JENSEN! And holding this Loooonnngg BONG in the painted with a tiger shaggin' wagon! Kripke must stalk SPN fangirls at LJ because I swear this season is like one long ass fan fic with every squee!worthy kink included.

And SPINAL TAP AND porn music for the win! AWESOME!

"He full on Obiwan-ed me." AN OBI-WAN REFERENCE! (OMG Dean is such a geek! All these pop culture references prove it!) And he took the Metallicar! I think my heart stopped for a second! But Dean going "I'm so sorry baby, I'll never leave you again" - OMG Dean + Metallicar = OTP srsly you guys!!!!1!

"These are not the droids you're looking for..." Hehehe, effin' A. Kripke is such a fangirl.

AND ASH NEEDING HIS PANTS! "Sam...Dean....SamandDean." I <3 ASH! More pelase! No more of Jo tho. But if it gets Dean to sing, then I'm sure we can talk something out! The only thing I don't like is that it gives it all these Dean/Jo undertones and hints. Grrrr. I just don't see why every female has to be this tiny, tiny, BLONDE chick.

And I really, really liked Ellen at the end. I love her taking Sam and Dean under her wing and still love her calling Sam "sweetie" in 2x03. I really like her gentleness mixed with hard ass-ness and want her to be like, Giles/Mom they never had/Keith Mars all rolled up into one for our boys. I love Ellen and wouldn't mind seeing her almost every episode. Especially if that means we get to see Ash just as often.

It's like we're back on track finding more people like Sam, having Sam get the visions - which is definitely getting cooler. I love how when Sam gets his visions Dean is just the best brother EVER and is right by his side for everything. I also love the idea the the demon contacted the Evil!Twin and basically recruited him, and Sam essentially did the same for the Good!Twin at the end, giving him his phone number. I'm sure Sam will do that with every special!kid they come across that actually makes it to the end of the episode without dying, and they're basically getting contacts and forming this army against the demon.

I totally want to see them do this huge X-Men/S7 finale of Buffy/Lord of the Rings showdown between the Demon and his demon children and recruits and Sam and Dean standing in the front of their collected army of psychic/supernatural people with a fight to the death, holding sexy guns/snipers/axes/anything really, looking all beat up, bruised, dirty, and sexy. And Sam and Dean almost die but they kick ass and win. And drive off in the Impala together. OK, mind getting carried away.

In short, this was an amazing episode, totally making up for last week, and really I think getting us back to the more important demon/supernatural related plot.

The ONLY negative thing I can think of is that they didn't have any advancement in the emotional/angsty plot between Sam and Dean actually talking about how they feel, dealing with Dad's death, with Dean's complete broken!ness, but you can't stay on a topic forever. All in all, I completely enjoyed tonight's episode, and judging by the promo next week is going to be equally awesome!
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