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"Salvation" recap and picspam Part 1

Can you believe it? Only ONE episode left after last night's amazing, wonderful, OMGWTF is happening now?! episode! I got the torrent finished this morning and watched it after class, caps and all were done after work - so here we go with picspam, quotes, and review time!

And actually, this one got so image heavy (as in over 100) that I decided to split it up in two posts - that way my friends on dialup or slower connections won't have to wait a week for all of the caps to load. The second 1/2 is coming up right after this one!

So...did anyone kinda grin/chuckle at the "The Road so Far" AKA "Previously On..." recap? It was like a cheesy music video for the show, I swear.

Anyway, picking up where we left off last time...Meg is back! With somewhat different hair! (But still with bad makeup!) And we get to see Pastor Jim for the first time....unfortunately, it's going to be the last time as well.

She's playing the whole "oooh, poor me, I did a bad thing," girl routine before turning evil and killing Pastor Jim. And I still don't think she's a good actress. I really hate the way she delivered the line "There's no way I'm telling you, you could be some kind of freak" back in "Scarecrow."

So...question...holy water will stop her, but actually BEING in a chuch is just fine for her? Seems a bit contradictory.

Anyway, she slits his throat and continues on...I didn't get caps of this because...well...yuk.

Back to our boys!

Daddy Winchester is talking about finding the trail of this demon. He says that the demon comes after families with infants on the night they turn 6 months old. Just like Sam. So, immediately being the angsty emo boy he is, he starts blaming himself. Which, is understandable, but y'know...overly dramatic in the way that he likes to be.

"Yeah, you're right it's not my fault, but it's my problem." - Sam
"No, it's *our* problem!" - Dean
"Okay, that's enough." - Daddy Winchester

Our boys are just so tense and worried. *Everything* is just so much more tense and OMG what's going to happen next in this episode. I love it. And I think the music is better to.

So, Daddy Winchester goes on to explain that signs start showing up a week before the fire and demon attacks.
"Cattle death, temperature fluxuations, electrical storms, and then I went back to check..." - Daddy Winchester
"These things happened in Lawrence." - Dean
"A week before your mother died." - Daddy Winchester
And where Sam and Jess were too before she died.

Now the same signs are springing up in Slavation, Iowa.

They drove throgh the town and pull off. Caleb (who we will see later and definitely isn't like what I pictured) called Daddy Winchester to say that Pastor Jim was killed - which I think kinda sucks because I wanted to see more than just the deaths of these people who have been helping our boys throughout the years. Solution? FLASHBACKS! (Pstt, Kripke, collab with Joss to write up your flashbacks, because no one does them better!)

Their dad wants them to step up the pace and start finding ANY kids who are getting ready to turn 6 months old.

"This ends now. I'm ending it. I don't care what it takes." - Daddy Winchester
OMG I'm now starting to wonder if he's going to make it through all of this....OMG

Gotta love our boys' abilities to forge identites...

And Dean's ability to flirt WHILE faking his identity. *Loves*

"Hi, is there anything I can do for you?" - Receptionsit/nurse
"Oh god yes." - Dean *OMFG dies*

So, Sam finished doing his gig and is walking out from the hospital when he starts getting a vision of the whole attack. He hears a train which = railroad tracks are near the house. Good job Sammy! And he's off to investigate. (And can I just say I LOVE how they film and cut the visions together? It's so neat looking!)

And Sam, being the incredibly cute boy that he is, simply has to smile that Sam smile and is immediately a good person who gets Monica chatting. Rosie, her baby, is 6 months old today.

And I LOVE this part! I was wondering when Dad would find out about Sam's visions.

"A vision" - Daddy Winchester
"Yes. I saw the demon burning a woman on the ceiling." - Sam

"And you think this is going to happen to the woman you met because-" - Daddy Winchester
"Because these things happen exactly the way I see them." - Sam
"Yeah, it started out as nightmares, and then it started happening while he was awake." - Dean
"I don't know, it's like the closer I get to anything involving the demon, the stronger the visions get." - Sam
"Alright, when were you going to tell me about this? Something like this starts happening to your brother, you pick up the phone and you call me." - Daddy Winchester

"Call you? Are you kidding me? Dad, I called you from Lawrence, alright? Sam called you when I was dying. I mean, getting you on the phone, I've got a better chance on winning the lottery." - Dean

"You're right. I'm not crazy about this new tone of yours, but you're right." - Daddy Winchester

Sam's cell phone rings and DUM DUM DUM! It's Meg! She's calling to make a deal with their dad - to get the gun from our boys or more of their friends and allies die. Now she's in Lincoln and, like Pastor Jim, kills Caleb. OMG Caleb! I really wish we had gotten to see more about these people!

John agrees and then plots to bring a fake gun to give Sam and Dean enough time to use the REAL gun @ the house tonight.

"You want us to stay here and kill this demon by ourselves?" - Sam
"No Sam, I want us to stop losing people we love. I want you to go to school, I want Dean to have a home. I want Mary alive. Just...I just want this to be over." - Daddy Winchester

OMG my boys need a hug!

The three meet up to trade guns and (not) say goodbye.

"You know this is a trap, don't you?" - Dean

"Promise me something. This thing goes south, just get the hell out. Don't get yourself killed, you're no good to us dead, alright?" - Dean
"Same goes for you." - Daddy Winchester

(OMG how can he be THAT pretty?!)

"You make every shot count." - Daddy Winchester
"Yes sir." - Sam

"Been waiting a long time for this fight and now it's here and I'm not going to be in it. It's up to you boys now. It's your fight, you finish this. You finish what I started, you understand?" - Daddy Winchester
"We'll see you soon dad." - Sam
"I'll see you later." - Daddy Winchester
"Later." - Dean (After their dad has driven off)

Part Two is coming right up!
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