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"Dead Man's Blood" picspam, quotes, and review YAY!

I downloaded the torrent while I was sleeping last night and woke up early just to watch it before class and work. So, I decided what better way to spend my post-work evening than blessing you all with a picspam! YAY! My love for this show knows NO bounds! The obsession is like BUFFY but crazier! YAY for insane!awesome fandom! OMG we only have TWO more episodes left and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself with no new Supernatural episodes! (I guess I'll just read some fan fiction...) ;)

So...first off, new "previously" scenes - yay!

TO start off with, we get to see Daniel Elkin, the vamps, and THE GUN (which will forever be typed in CAPSLOCK becaues it's just THAT important!). DUM DUM DUM!

Yay for our boys looking so damn pretty and sexy!smart together!

"Sounds more like 'That's Incredible' than 'The Twilight Zone'" - Dean

"Hey, y'know we could just keep heading East. New York. Upstate. Could stop by a see Sarah again. Huh? Cool chick, man, I mean smokin'" :whistle: "You two seemed pretty friendly, what you do say?" - Dean
(I admit, I would like to see Sarah in another episode since I really did like her, much more than the other girls featured in episodes.)

And so Sam sees the death article for Elkin and the boys drive off to investigate since Elkin is listed in the Journal.

"Looks like the maid didn't come today." - Dean
(Ahhhh, Dean has the best one-liner quips EVER!)

"Hey, there's salt over here. Right inside the door." - Sam
"You mean like 'protection against evil' salt or 'oops, I spilled the popcorn' salt?" - Dean (HEEE!)
"It's clearly a ring." - Sam

So they see the scratchings he left in the floor - and WOW when would he have had time to carve that in? - which leads them to the post office. Oh, if only we had gotten to see them actually break in, but it still wouldn't have been as hot as the fence climbing! Anyway, they get the letter, which has the initials J.W. on it, and then go back to the car, where - SURPRISE!!

John Winchester (Ahem, Denny) knocks on the window, freaking the boys out, before climbing into the backseat. He says that he saw Sam and Dean at Elkin's house. And then procedes to read the letter.

"If you're reading this, I'm already dead."

Please people, find a less cliche way to start your post-death letter to friend.

Anyway, Denny Daddy Wincehster reads the letter and it's obviously about THE GUN. He says they have to pick up the trail, which = confusion for Sam and Dean.

"They were what Daniel killed the best, vampires." - Daddy Winchester
"Vampires? I thought there was no such thing?" - Dean
"You never even mentioned them, Dad." - Sam

HAHA Dean! I love how the camera just pans over to him for that comment and then goes right back to Sam. Oh Dean, with all the other crap you've faced, still skeptical about vampires? (AND WHERE WAS MY BUFFY REFERENCE, KRIPKE?! Not even a "Well, Buffy looked hot killing vampires" from Dean or anything!)

"Most vampire lore is crap. Crosses won't repell them, sunlight won't kill them. And neither will a stake to the heart. But the bloodlust, that part is true." - Daddy Winchester.
Well, damn. These aren't your Buffy!vampires, that's for sure! They eyes go all reflective-like, though. Not gold, but y'know...eyes.

And stupid couple! UG, I would have at least stayed in the car to call the cops. But the vamps' teeth? Weird. Hmm...I guess I'm just used to Buffy, because it looks more like animal teeth than what I woud picture with vamps. But OK...moving on.


And YAY! My Sleepy!Dean eye rub makes a return! Aww, he's just too adorable!

"It's the vampires." - Daddy W
"How do you know?" - Sam
"Just follow me, okay?" - Daddy Winchester

I can so totally see Sam @ 5 going "How, why, why, how, how, HOW!" over and over. And it just never ends as he grows up.

"Vampires. Huh, get's funnier every time I hear it." - Dean

They get to the car/crime scene and Sam and Dean wait while their dad investigates.

"Oh, don't tell me it's already starting." - Dean
"What's starting?" - Sam

"How can you be so sure?" - Sam
"Sam..." - Dean
"I just want to be sure we're going in the right direction." - Sam
"We are." - Daddy Winchester
"How do you know?" - Sam (See?)
"Found this." (A vampire tooth) - Daddy Winchester

"Hey Dean, why don't you touch up your car? I wouldn't have given you the damn thing if I thought you were going to ruin it." - D
OUCH, insulting the Metallicar?!

OK, so there is a lot of talking about Sam and Daddy "static," but rather than type it out, I just have photos. Pretty, pretty screencaps.

Back @ the nest of vampires...the only thing I'm going to say is that Luthor reminds me a LOT of Kraven from Underworld. With the hair in the face and penetrating eyes, etc.

And we're up to the major confrontation scene - Daddy/Sam/Dean angsting over Sam leaving for college, etc!
"Pull off at the next exit." - Dean
"Because Dad thinks we got the vampire trail." - Dean
"I don't know, he didn't say." - Dean
In which Sam procedes, very sexy-like, to speed up and go around Daddy Winchester's car and then cut him off. I noticed that Sam did a lot of driving this episode...

"Oh crap, here we go" - Dean, who I'm sure is now used to the heated arguements between Sam and their dad.

"Sammy, c'mon, we can Q and A after we kill all the vampires" - Dean

"Get back in the car" - Daddy Winchester
"No." - Sam
"Get back in the god damn car." - Daddy Winchester
"Yeah. And I said no." - Sam

"This is why I left in the first place." - Sam
"Excuse me?" - Dad
"You heard me." - Sam

And, of course, Dean manages to get the last word in the scene. "Terrific."

Haha, gotta love the trunk comparrisons here. The car where Dean has to prop it open with a gun and then Dad's truck where it automatically slides out and opens.

"So, you boys really want to know about this colt?"
"Yes sir." - Sam
So he explains the creation of THE GUN, a gun that will kill anything Supernatural - like the demon that killed Mary and Jessica. And the plot thickens!

So the three sneak in to get THE GUN while the vampires are all sleeping in hammocks. (Hammocks?!) Sam and Dean work on rescuing the people and Sam rescues the woman tied up, who is a vampire now! With a scary scream! This, of course, ruins the plan and the three run out of the house.

"Once a vampire gets your scent, it's for life." - Daddy Winchester
"What the hell do we do now?" - Dean
"You gotta find the nearest funeral home, that's what." - Daddy Winchester
(Hehe, love Dean's expression.)

Next scene...
"It shouldn't be taking this long. I should go help." - Sam
"Dean's got it." - Daddy Winchester
(Haha, I could SO say that this is a Wincest moment where Sam is just looking for an excuse to go...uh..."help" Dean)

Aww, I love how their dad started a college fund for Sam and Dean (although I can't EVER see Dean being a college boy regardless of what happened to their mom and all). But while John is explaining his reasoning for hunting alone, for getting ticked off at Sam, I remain skepitcal. I just don't know if I trust John Winchester...sometimes I think his motives for this stuff is crap.

(Awwwww, Puppy Sammy face!)

Followed by bittersweet laugh and smile face. OMG Sammy you need a HUG!

"Hey Dad, whatever happened to that college fund?" - Sam
"I spent it on ammo." - Daddy Winchester
(YAY! Family bonding over ammo!)

"I'll pass. I usually draw the line at necrophilia." - Dean

(Because I couldn't resist including this picture of Dean!)

So...moving on, because WOW this is getting involved and lengthy, and is definitely my longest picspam ever. Sam, Dean, and Daddy are discussing their plan to get the gun. Dad orders them to leave once they finish their part of the job and leave the rest to him.

"Y'know, I just don't get you. You can't keep treating us like this." - Sam
"Like what?" - John
"Like children." - Sam
"You are my children. I'm trying to keep you safe." - Daddy
"Dad, all due respect, but, uh, that's a load of crap." - Dean
"Excuse me?" - Dad
"You know what Sammy and I have been hunting. You sent us on a couple hunting trips yourself. You can't be that worried about keeping us safe." - Dean
(I love this exchange between the three! Dean finally speaking out against their dad's orders, finally!)

"I've been thinking, I think Sammy might be right about this one. I think we should do this together." - Dean (YAY!)
But Daddy Winchester still orders them to do their job and get out of the area. Stubborn man.

"Boo." - Dean
(OMG, that's so Buffy-like!)

Daddy Winchester meets up with the vampires to exchange Kate (the vampire) for the colt. Of course, nothing ever goes to plan on this show, so y'know...fighting breaks out and chaos ensues. AND OMG Dean with a crossbow - HOT!

And, as we have come to expect it, Sam is once again being choked to death by Luthor. Um...wow. C'mon guys...can we create a fun and new way to hurt Sammy and have Dean rescue him? If it's not already, please add "everytime Sammy is being choked by someone or something" to the Supernatural drinking game.

"So boys..." - Daddy Winchester

"Yes sir." - Sam
"You ignored a direct order back there." - Daddy Winchester
"Yes sir." - Sam
"But we saved your ass." - Dean

(Haha at Sam's expression)
"You're right." - Daddy Winchester
"I am?" - Dean

"It scares the hell outta me. You two are all I've got. But I guess we are stronger as a family. So we go after this thing. Together." - Daddy Winchester
"Yes sir." - Sam and Dean.
(OMG, I love the music playing here, it's just so "Lets go find this bitch right now and kill it" motivational music!)

AH!!!! Only two left to go?! I really don't think I can handle this.

WHEW! That took forever! But it was so worth it!
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