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For my SPN friends: A Jensen Ackles Picspam!

Oh, this SO calls for an OMG-what-was-he-thinking-when-he-took-this-role-picspam! (My first picspam ever!)

I don't know where I got the clips from, but since my midterms are FINALLY over, I spent some time cleaning out my TV shows folder and catching up on things I have downloaded. I got to my Supernatural folder and watched four clips from "Blonde," which is aparently a really bad TV bio of Marilyn Monroe. I don't remember ever hearing about it, but the actress playing Marilyn has Jensen Ackles AND Patrick Dempsey crawling all over her in the same scene. Dean AND McDreamy? GUH!

Jensen in bed with Patrick Dempsey and me, and a girl.

Hehe, too cute for words!

And I'm not too sure why, but I'm really loving the hair all slicked back...makes me think of getting the chance to mess it all up.

Hand on upper thigh and slowly moving up....that predatory look...:explodes:

See? Hair, I really want to run my fingers through you!

He just SO totally eye-fucked Patrick Dempsey!

Oh yeah, you know it!

Not too sure about Jensen here, but Patrick is thinking VERY hard about something...

Oh, the one-piece sweater/vest thing. Bad. Maybe if it wasn't a turtleneck...

In the two above here, Jensen is clearly trying to explain what happened last night with Jared Padalecki - oops, wrong show! (Seriously, you Supernatural girls have totally ruined me forever!)

See? The talk was so hot it called for a cigarette.

They made a blood pact from the wine bottle than Jensen's character dropped...

Which of course leads to a threesome. If only it had been IN the pool instead of beside it!

OK, so it looks so cheesy, but at least my two favorite men are...*ahem* giving their all.

:Totally ded!:

I just HAD to get an image of the back of this thing, because I really do think it's what completes the whole outfit!

So Jensen dances across the screen, and then he does this backwards head-pop - and the laughter I had tried so hard to hold back could be held back no longer. Oh, Jensen...aren't you glad they aren't showing THIS when they introduce you on guest appearances?

OMG, there could SO be a RPS fic where Jared finds this tv movie and of course teases Jensen about it relentlessly on set, but then maybe he starts to become all possessive!jealous!Jared after hearing about Jensen's interaction and bonding with Patrick...

...And Jared especially teases him about THIS scene and they get to talking about silk sashes (since I'm assuming there is one for this robe) and...OMG, can't form words anymore.

See? You Wincest and Padackles writers have corrupted me and ruined me forever!

It's kinda hard to be serious about dancing in a flowery, gay kimono, but our boy here is serious about doing his best! (cracks up)

Yeah, you KNOW you want a piece of this!

Oh, Jensen, yes we do!

OMG - SO adorkable!
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