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Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear

It was amazing. It was hilarious, full of surprises (OZZY!), serious and touching in parts, ridiculous at others, and just...WOW. 150,000+ 200,000 people all together. I can't believe they pulled it off! And well! I thought it was just crazy wonderful and am so happy I got to be a part of it in person.

My friend and I got to the Mall at 8 AM and there was already a shit ton of people there. The metro was a MESS already! We were not in the 1st section closest to the stage, but the second section. Everyone was pissed off b/c they put a jumbotron RIGHT in front of the central viewpoint, so even though they would have been far away, we really couldn't even see the stage. Oh well. We were there and we had a hell of a lot better position than the others that were by the Washington Monument - because from what I heard, our "crowd" went from one end to the complete other side of the Mall.

Before noon they were showing a montage of all of the clips from TDS and TCR building up to the announcement of the rally/march and basically taking us up to last week's shows.

Lost and Found! They also had First Aid tents and food tents (which I heard they ran out of food. I think they really underestimated the #s) and merch tents, which I skipped b/c the line was crazy long and I'll get some stuff online.

White Rhino!

The growing crowd behind me

The Roots came on at 12 and were GREAT. They opened with John Legend and was a great jam session. And then the two main guys from Mythbusters came out to entertain us. We did the wave and OMG it kept going and going and going and took a full minute to reach the back. And then we did sounds all together and then we all jumped together. It was hilarious b/c the sound delay from where we were was a good 15+ seconds. And they were shouting "Louder! Louder!" because they didn't have enough speakers to reach to the sides and as far back as they wound up going.

Sam Waterston! And it was a funny poem too! It rhymed and everything! :P

And then Jon and Stephen came out! And they were hilarious and SO great together. Stephen came out in the Chilean miners tube and had a flag and was shouting "Chi Chi Le Le!" HAHA they are seriously great together. And all the correspondents except Olivia Munn (which, really, that was OK with me) were there in the audience. They were joking about "counting off" with saying your number and your ethnicity and political status. And Jason and Wyatt were funny in the crowds.

John Oliver AKA Peter Pan. Oh dear, the green tights...

One of my favorite parts was when they were talking about getting on board that "train." Jon had Yusuf's "Peace Train" and then Stephen had Ozzy Osborne!! and "Crazy Train" and then they went back and forth and battled it out before leaving together and then Jon and Stephen finally agreed with the O'Jay's "Love Train." It was SO surprising!


All these surprise guests! TONY BENNETT which was SO surprising (I was kinda hoping that rumor about Bruce showing up was true), and R2D2 and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (which made Jon especially REALLY look short!) and Kid Rock and it was just fun. Great music, great comedy, it was just a blast. Hearing Tony Bennett sing was kinda incredible.

Sheryl Crow

I tried to get her with Kid Rock, but I don't think that turned out so well

He's so tall next to Jon and Stephen!

Stephen's Fear Puppet!

And SO MANY great, witty, smart signs everywhere! There were some great ones. And everyone around us was nice, friendly, and just good people. Who all believe in different things but got along together. It can be done! Jon and Stephen "singing" was also a highlight, with Stephen trying to get the right pitch and still coming in wrong, and Jon just HORRIBLY off key and singing way to high for a man his age to sing at :P

HAHA GOD that woman. Lots of posters about her and Tea Bag party. Like "T bags are for D bags"

I think one of my favorite parts was when Jon got serious. Because, yeah although this was a comedic response to Glenn Beck's "rally" it turned into something much larger and more important. Anyway, if you guys watched it, I hope they didn't edit any of his speech towards the end, because I felt that was a pretty moving speech. USA Today has a pretty good write up of the day and Jon's speech.

I know I'm leaving things out and that the photos don't exactly match up or stay in order. The Sanity awards, the Feardom awards, the videos, probably more people, but I'm still taking it all in I think. It was a great day.

Now I'm going to crawl into bed and not move until tomorrow morning. I only got 3 hours of sleep and have been up since 6 AM. I'm exhausted!
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