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Anyone want to go to Creation's Chicago SPN con?

Because I don't think that shannenb and I are going to go. And we have GREAT seats, like D22 or somewhere around there, center aisle 4th row seats.

We've been talking it for a couple of days now and we're pretty much in agreement that financially it just won't work out. It's a month earlier than usual, at a more expensive hotel, and flights are hella expensive right now. I have my Dublin trip and DragonCon coming up and she has expenses too, so we're just thinking it's safer if we sell our tickets. And honestly, I am not feeling the SPN love these days. Maybe 6th season will change my mind - maybe it won't - but right now I would rather have the money to blow at DragonCon and get Sean The Bod Maher to sign my Firefly painting haha

I think we're going to put them on e-bay and list them in the appropriate communities, but I figured I would post here to see if anyone was thinking about going to Chicago or knew any friends who were thinking about it and wanted a great seat since all of the gold tickets are sold out.

I don't know about Shannen, but I am willing to sell mine at the price we got it for at the convention, which I believe was $439. Can someone who bought their ticket for this year at last year's con remember the price when we got it that weekend? I think we got $50 off the ticket price but I can't remember for sure and I can't find any confirmation they sent me.

Right now they have Jared, Misha, Ghostfacers, and Richard. But they are known for adding a ton of guests right up to the very day of the con. I'm sure that their focus will now be on Chicago since LA and NJ are done.

Let me know if anyone is interested!
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