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Monday in Philly, Part 2 AKA CONE BONE

Part 2. AKA the Conan O'Brien post of awesomeness! This post is public since it is about Conan and I might link to it at a comm, so I've added a watermark to the photos just in case. Oh, and I'm sorry so many of my photos suck. My new camera is barely a month old and this is the first time I've seriously used it, so I'm still getting used to the settings.

Getting there was interesting because the GPS kept giving us the most backward-street route to get there. We lucked out finding a parking place right across the street from the Tower Theater. And we headed inside…we weren't sitting beside each other, but were 2 rows back but still in the same seat #. The place was packed!

The opener was Reggie, who started coming out talking all like, I dunno…"yo, I'm a black man and you can't understand me" but then he sang and then he started talking like normal hahaha. He did some hilarious songs, like this one about the purse inside a purse because the purse is so fucking big, and Subway napkins that may or may not be used and eyeshadow everywhere inside. I dunno, it was just funny. He was pretty great.

And then! CONAN. The band came out first and La Bamba sang and they all played and sang a bit. They walked up and down the aisles and played some fun, upbeat jazz songs. They were great!

And then there was a video of Conan as a fat slob 2 months ago before getting in shape for the tour hahaha. And finally! Conan came out! Wearing a Flyers jersey. He did some stand up, joked about what happened with the split, and got the show underway....SO FUNNY. He sang some fun songs, his own version of "On the Road Again" and played a bit of a White Stripes song. They had a video clip of Comic the Insult Dog where the name of the city was hilariously pre-auto-recorded.

And Conan dropped some f-bombs! Totally not expecting that! And joked about some guy who shouted out "PHILLY!" And these 2 women made a sign out of index cards taped together that said "It's my birthday, can I touch your hair?" and he let her! And then Andy joked about buying a poster rather than index cards hahaha

So, Conan was explain that he blew the budget for the show on this awesome prop - and it was a blow-up bat! hahahaha and they joked that the teeth looked like car sale lots flags and that the bat had ribs you could see and it was hilarious!

Andy came out in this fake horse-riding outfit for a segment on "things I learned." He hung around and did the announcements, but I did kinda feel like he was underused in the overall show. The band got more spotlight time than he did. If they had done a non-NBC version of Year 3000 then he could have been in that.

And Conan came out in this TIGHT TIGHT paisley, beige leather outfit from Eddie Murphy in like the 1980's hahaha. And he showed us how he has literally NO ass. But damn, he has some loooonnng legs hahaha. He joked about coming out with his spider legs into the audience once too.

Deon Cole came out and did some jokes, which were funny. He asked us what do white people hate doing around black people and some guy shouted out "Going to the ATM!" hahaha I couldn't believe he said that! But he joked that when his jokes were going bad, black comics say, "yeah...some crazy shit up in here....let's give it up for the ladies."

Conan joked about how he couldn't call it the Walker Texas Ranger Lever anymore, so it was now the Chuck Noris Handle haha and he showed some of the best clips that he showed on Late Night. And then he had TINA FEY come out and help him out! SO COOL! Our surprise celebrity!! She pushed the lever/handle with her butt hahahaha. So that was pretty awesome.

And he had one of the members from Phish who played. Sorry, don't know too much about him, but the entire audience seemed pretty stoked that he was there.

UG. I feel like I'm missing a lot of stuff writing this up now. But I took a TON of video, so hopefully re-watching them will jog my memory if I missed anything. I love that every show you would see would always be a bit unique. Because they had jokes specifically for Philly and joked about things the audience did, so everything would be special for this one show.

During one of the last songs he ran down the aisle, went up the stairs to the balcony, ran down all those stairs and looked over the ledge, and then ran back downstairs and then came down our aisle! haha I seriously was aiming for his hand, but I kinda wound up groping his stomach instead! I swear, between the dancing during the strobe lights and all of the jumping and running around he does, the man has an endless supply of energy!

So, the show was just HILARIOUS. And they all left but came back out for an encore and did 2 more songs. He had backup singers which was...unusual and kinda funny to see, but they were really great actually. One of them came out after the show and talked to us a little bit and she was sweet. I think she was the taller one who came out.

After the show was over, we wandered over to where the tour buses were to see if we could meet anyone. Some of the band members came out, and Andy came out, but they pretty much waved, showed their face, and then went into the tour bus. And finally, Conan came out! I like…SHOVED my hand up and out above everyone else holding our tickets for him to sign, and for like a few seconds someone else was definitely holding my ticket other than him haha but I finally got it back.

hahaha all you see is his hair

So people were pushing forward, and I kinda stepped forward and made a space and went, "Hey Conan? Can you draw your face on my t-shirt?" I have the "I'm with CoCo" t-shirt that doesn't have a face on it. So he looks at me and said, "ohhh no, no, takes too much time to draw the face y'know" and so he looks at my shirt and I go, "well…can you just sign my shirt? Oh! On your face!" hahaha, so he winds up signing the t-shirt right where his face would be hahha. So. Yeah. Direct eye contact with Conan was pretty freakin' sweet!

Got home late, tired and exhausted but the day was AWESOME. I'm so glad I got to see him and meet him - total unexpected bonus.

I'm probably going to upload some video once I get home. There were some things too funny NOT to share!
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