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Breakfast and J2 Panel Chicago 2009

This was all typed up SUPER fast so I'm sorry if there are any typos/errors/completely wrong info. I'll come back and fix it later tonight!

The breakfast was a lot of fun! The boys came out at 9:00 and stayed for about a half hour and they were funny! They spoke a lot about Changing Channels and the last episode that just aired. They spoke about working with some of the guest stars. They joked about getting new mopeds and that the ones that they had had before were for 13 years and under and 120 pounds and under, so they have grown up ones now.

They ended with telling a story about an upcoming episode where Samantha Ferris (OMG sorry, I had Smith up herer at first! Wrong Sam!) almost killing them with a prop gun loaded with blanks and how it got jammed and she was waving it around in front of them as she panicked over what was wrong, and then freaked out over THEM panicking. Jared kept playing with the microphone again - and it broke apart in the middle. Every time he touched the mic it would have bad static, so Jensen had to slap his hands away. A few people asked questions, and it was very chill.

Then they had the photo ops, and that went super fast. But there didn't seem like there were as many sold this year. Anyway, I just had 2 duo photo ops, and so I go in and ask for my "see, hear, say no evil" and Jared takes over and is all into it and goes, "OK! Who's gonna do what?" and he assigned everyone a gesture and we took the photo. They were standing super close to me too! And then I turned and said, "can you guys just do something funny" and Jensen goes, "you don't want to be in the photo with us?" and I said no, I just wanted to do something funny. So they did this funny pose, I can't wait to see what Jared did since Jensen was blocking him with his body.

So Shannen was behind me and she got her photo and mentioned mine and said, "oh my friend has been waiting for three years to get that photo!" and Jensen goes something like, "oh great....wait...THREE YEARS?!" hahaha Good times!

We'll get them back tonight! YAY!

Then the panel started and rather than do short separate panels, they did a full hour together. They were great together, I thought that they seemed very relaxed and chill today. The questions were good! Just one kinda awkward one about gift giving, but the others were about the show, other projects, future stuff, and there weren't any major awkward moments. They were playing the Sam an' Dean theme song from Changing Channels ad doing a little dance. They spoke a lot about Changing Channels. They also spoke about working with guest actors, especially playing with different actors who were playing the same characters, and working with Colin Ford and Brock Kelly.

Oh yeah! Jared was complaining about sweating too much, as we all know he does, so someone brings him a box of tissues, which he proceeds to stuff down under his shirt and then picked them out to wipe off his face haha and then he leaned over to give Jensen one. And Jensen said that one time they were filming and Jared was sweating down the center of his collarbone so much that he would hold a towel and while the camera wasn't on Jared, he would lean over to wipe away his sweat.

They were also fucking around with the microphones and unscrewing the tops of them and Jared read aloud that it voided the warranty. They spoke a lot about what to do in Vancouver and where to go, and that Jensen likes Indian food and they treat themselves eating out too many places too often.

They spoke about their characters, how they are and are not like them, and Jensen had a question about Ten Inch Hero and that they wanted to put extensions in his hair but he knew it'd be long enough by the time they started filming. Someone asked about future dreams and Jensen said that his was to have kids, which got an "awwwwww." The typical "what advice to you have for future actors" and some weird question about "if the world was going to end, what would you do?"

"What Disney character would you be?" and Jensen said Grumpy and Dopey. And some girl started off her question with "don't laugh at this, but I wrote my question down" and he and Jared start BURSTING out laughing. And laughed WAY too long hahaha. Jared looked like he was still about to laugh again before they got serious.

Someone asked what movie do they like to quote from and Jensen said "typical guy movies" like Anchorman, Cableman. Jared kept playing with the lights and joked about being Jensen's lighting department and then almost broke the floor light I think.

And at the very end Jared was auctioning off a watch that he wore as Sam in season 3 and it was all going to charity for his mom and her school and students who were saving up money for a competition next year. And it went for $3500! And Jared looked like he was about to cry, he was so touched. So he gave her a big hug. And then once they went up to get autographs, Jared gave her the shirt (from the set department of the show) off of his back! And it smelled NICE, hahaha since she was carrying it around and her mother said it smelled nice, she let us smell his cologne. Haha But he was very touched.

So then the autograph lines started. Jared's was first and Shannen and I got separated by the guards and we were joking about going, "I miss you!" and Cliff said, "are you two suffering from separation anxiety?" But I said thanks and moved on. And then I went up to Jensen's line and I said thanks after he had signed and he looked up and winked at me! Hahaha so my day was complete.

We're skipping Julie's panel but are gonna go down for Rob's and the final little things for the weekend. Gotta snark through another auction and get our seats for next year!

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