Rachel (_sin_attract) wrote,

Misha is hilarious and just...snarky and sarcastic and completely loves fucking with everyone during these things. It's fantastic!

We had out autograph session and right when we got up to Misha, he said "I think...I have to go to the bathroom." Well, Shannen had already gotten his signature, so we go, "no, we don't want to be split up! We're going to go eat right after this!" haha, joking, of course. And Misha goes "well, I don't want to hold YOU guys up!" haha so he signed my autograph "I don't want to keep you waiting." And then Shannen and I were saying we were hungry to RIchard, and so he signed my autograph "Go eat." hahaha

Next up, dessert party!
Tags: misha collins
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