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Friday DragonCon 2009 Report - Shatner, Nimoy, Buffy girls, and more!

So, here are the first two days at the con. I have LOTS of photos, video, and audio from the panels I went to. I wrote this up while I was there, at the end of each day, so it might sound weird reading all at once haha. I haven't really edited it yet to find out. :P

Thursday, 9/3/09

Well, today was a bitch getting down here, kinda like last year.

Anyway - the Sheraton canceled my reservation. Apparently the card that we used to reserve the room bounced, so they just canceled my room - without sending an e-mail or calling, so they sent a letter through the USPS mail and sent it on the 1st of the month. Yeah. And I had given my mom some money to pay for what I thought was a charge on her card and was a bit ticked off when I called her. Luckily, she's going to pay me back that money b/c she was worried when I called her saying, "We have NO ROOM!"

So, while I was in history class, I was frantically looking around for a place to stay in one of the host hotels. Luckily, a girl had a room available at the Marriott, so that is where we are all staying now. YAY!

I got down here around 8:00, and Cheryl was awesome and picked up my badge while I was in class and flying down here. Whoo! Thank GOD, b/c when I was in the shuttle going to the hotel, the line was seriously wrapped around the entire building and the wait was like 3 hours+. I'm so glad I thought of her registering me ahead of time.

So, we got here - had our room, got moved to another room b/c we were in a room with 1 king and a rollaway, and finally made it in our room on the 24th floor. I'm actually really glad we are in the Mariott, even though a lot of the panels for Star Trek and the Buffy Horror Picture Show and Shindig are in the Sheraton, y'know...it's like the heart of the 4 hotels really.

Bev, our roommate from England is sweet, and brought me some chocolate and crisps from England! Mina, our other roomie is also nice and works for Creation and does some of their cons over on the west coast. So, I say we lucked out getting some awesome roomies for 2009.

We hung out and talked some for a bit, and then Cheryl, Mina, and I went out to grab some food at the Metro Cafe, the diner that is open all day. YUM. FOOD. I hadn't eaten since noon and it was about 10:30, so I was pretty hungry. Spent more than I should have on food, but that's OK. It's Subway and Chick-fila for the rest of the weekend.

Tomorrow we are starting bright and early for the Shatner/Nimoy panel, which I am dreading the shape of the line for this panel. But I CANNOT wait to meet them, get my photo from them, and hopefully an autograph from each of them.

Friday 9/4/09. AKA The Shat and Nimoy Day!

Up at 7:00 for the Shatner/Nimoy panel - YES!

We got down there around 8:00 and the line was already WAY out the door! We were down on the 3rd side of the building - apparently the first people got there around 4:30 AM haha. I was still up at that time.

Anyway, we were let in extra early to keep the line under control - and I gotta say that line control this year is the best it's been in some time - and this is probably because of the big-name guests and the increased amount of security there. We got to sit in while they did the DC Late Show, about all the changes and alterations to the panels and guest list, etc.

So, the guys' panel was at 10:00 and the hour went by SO quickly! They were HILARIOUS! Oh man. The friendship of 40+ years, and just how they know each other so well is just so very apparently the minute they start making fun of each other. Shatner kept going "WHY am I NOT in the movie?!" and Nimoy was all "So, Bill, have you seen any good movies recently?" because Shatner refuses to see the new Trek film. And they kept making fun of each other being old, Shatner kept joking that Nimoy was all decrepit and couldn't hear what what was going on. "WHY aren't I IN the film?!" from Shatner again.

And they talked about the bloopers getting leaked out, and they spoke about affecting the fans and all. I swear, there were only like 6 questions asked because the rest of the time they just talked together and we sat back and laughed. They have some serious conversational ADD, because they just kept jumping from topic to topic and talking about whatever they wanted to, and it was just GREAT. They spoke about family, Shatner spoke about working with Priceline and about being nominated for an Emmy that he doesn't expect to win, and they joked a LOT about Shatner's tiff with George Takei and he half insulted him, and joked around a bit.

Leonard talked about "In Search Of" and favorite moments. And there was just so much ribbing from Shatner. You can tell how deep their friendship is, it's just amazing. I mean, we love Jared and Jensen, but these guys are the granddaddies of bromance, seriously. I just loved it. I felt like I was sitting in something like...historcal or something HAHA.

We had pretty good seats, I wasn't complaining, and I'm so glad I got to sit in there and be a part of the best panel in DC history.

After we got let out of that, we headed over to get the duo photo op with the two of them. It was just CHAOS. FROGGY! *shakes fist* There were pre-paid lines to get the actual photo-op TICKETS, and then you had to get into the REAL line. And the pre-paid lines were split up in 3s and it was CHAOS. So, that took a while. But I got my photo with the two of them. It was a bit awkward, just because they were sitting and separated but it was still great. I'm happy with it. My photo with the grumpy old men.

Immediately after that, I went to get into the line for the Buffy panel. THAT was a lot of fun! It started off with Kristy Swanson and Felicia Day. Felicia got a lot of questions about Dr. Horrible and The Guild, and Kristy was asked questions about funny moments on set, and how they feel being the girls that really "start" Buffy and then the next generation with Vi as a potential slayer. One of the girls asking a question kinda inadvertently commented on Kristy's age and it was kinda cute. They both seem very sweet and Felicia especially seems great.

So then Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz come in, and all of the attention switches over to them. They are just SO SO Beautiful! Julie especially is just...OMG, flawless. And I love that Charisma has grown her hair back out.

They were asked a LOT about how their character developed. Julie just loved that she got to go from being named "Vampire Girl 3" to "Darla." Charisma did like how she got more time with the character on Angel, but then she was asked what she felt about how she was written off, and you can tell that there is definitely a sense of bitterness there. Tears, and everything. She didn't understand the plot for 4th season of Angel, she didn't like her relationship with Connor or understand that, and she found out she wasn't coming back to the show from a reporter calling here - Joss or anyone official never called her to tell her. And then when she was asked to come back her thing was that she didn't want to come back to the show to DIE. And so she signs the contract and then is told that - she dies. And she cried. I feel pretty bad for her, I think she had to jump through a bunch of hoops towards the end of her time with the show. But she says that she and Joss have somewhat buried the hatchet and are willing to work with each other in the future again.

Julie did speak about Supernatural a bit! She says she loved the guys, that they aren't afraid of being eye candy, and it was great. She said that she had a kiss scene with Dean and that was her only kiss scene that was cut from the aired episode. And she spoke about Dexter some, how excited she is for the Boondock Saints II, and her growth as a character on Buffy. And she and Charisma seem like the best of friends. They were saying, "I love you," to each other after the other would speak, and they were so sweet together.

I think it was great having the girls all together. At the very end, they all kinda have this moment with Kristy, where when Charisma first saw her she was shocked and in awe, and how Julie was once mistaken for Kristy when some guy asked for her autograph as Kristy. Aside from Charisma and Julie, none of them had ever met the other, so there were a few moments of awkward silence.

Afterwards, I went back down to the bottom of the Marriott, and got photos with Charisma, Julie, and together. My photo with Julie turned out great, I am "meh" about the group photo b.c I kinda hate what I am doing - but Julie kinda placed me there so I didn't move haha. But it's a fun Charlie's Angels shot. My photo with Charisma SUCKS and I'm gonna have to get a reprint b/c it's all blurry. FROGGY! *fist in air* It's really gonna mess me up because I don't really have time for a reprint. UG.

Some random photos:

Crazy 88's!

Man Men - I love it!

I ran to the food court after that to get some Subway, and then it was off to wait in the line for the Dr. Horrible Picture Show and the Buffy Musical Horror Picture Show. The Dr. Horrible show was fantastic! The guy who plays Capt. Hammer always cosplays as Angel and he was the singing demon for the Buffy Show - and was COMPLETE in the right costume and makeup/prostetics for the head. The Buffy show was also good - they always have the top cast for the first show and know the dancing, have similar or almost exact costumes on, and know what to do when. It was very well done this year.

Finally for the night, I went over to sit in on the Supernatural panel. I was kinda disappointed for the first time. Every year they have had one, it's a small-ish group of people and we sit around and chat about the show. This year the room was like...PACKED and it was impossible to talk and hear what the people up front were saying, and it was full of people who loved the season and I felt like we didn't really talk about anything relevant for the first time since they started having a SPN panel at DC. And it was weird being alone since I'm always with Mar and Erin. Meh. Kinda a waste.

So, now I'm back up in the room...kinda want to rest since I got such horrible sleep last night and I want to enjoy the parade tomorrow.

I'll post Saturday and Sunday tomorrow!
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