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Short Recaps of J, J, and J2 panels!

So, I took a nice nap in between the breakfast and the panels because that's when all of the photo ops were. It was NICE TO SLEEP! HAHA

The first panel was Jared. HAHA he purposely tripped up the stage! It was like...subtly poke fun of Jared day! But he was a great sport about it and we all laughed - and no one was mean to him! (Actually, someone told JENSEN "Well, I had a question for Jared, but...") so it was the other way around this time. Jared got asked about necrophilia since he slept with Ruby (and NO ONE was mean, we were all laughing along with him.) And we taught Jared the word "Ipecac" (which is NOT recommended for use) but we were joking about it because of how he holds up his hand and can make the people throw up the demons. And so he was saying that word every five minutes, I kid not HAHA

Jared was asked about working with the Olsen Twins, working with Peter O'Toole in the Kinkaid movie, and having to keep a straight face when Jensen is doing something funny, like in "Yellow Fever." He said that it was impossible NOT to laugh when Jensen screamed from the cat. HAHA it was funny that it was like everyone was ganging up on him because people were like "we've already been over this!" and he just got up and threw his hat off. He was quick and witty.

His beanie hat and coat were cute!

HAHA and he was taking the microphone and was scratching his nose and then his armpits because it was going to be Jensen's microphone next HAHA

Oh yeah, he had a story about Jensen and his dogs! Jared got a photo on his cell phone of Jensen with his two dogs sleeping with Jensen in his bed, which they apparently are not supposed to do. So there is a cute picture of sleepy!Jensen with Harley and Sadie.

Then Jensen came out and he proceeded to trip up onto the stage and then they joke about getting Jensen a chair and Jensen threatened to throw Jared's hat out into the audience. They were asked about if they had a doll made what would they want it to do. Jared said "ipecac" with the outstretched hand, and Jensen's wound have arms that bend at the elbow with fried food in the hand that he could eat.

A lot of the people came up were like "I'm a Sam girl, but my mom is a Dean girl" and each J was encouraging the other. Jared would be all "You're going to go far in life" but then Jensen would be "you should listen to your mother."

Jared tries to be tough and go "who's there?!" if he hears a weird noise at night. They both spoke about how they got into acting, who was their inspiration - for Jensen it was his dad.

Oh! Jared was asked about a Gilmore Girls movie and Jensen immediately goes "PLEASE!" and grabs his chest. And then Jared jokes about a "Days" movie and that Jared would like to go back to play Dean again, and Jensen says "there's only one Dean."

They both talked more about the Eye of the Tiger bit and Jensen did do the leg guitar bit! Hee! And Jensen said that he was worried for his life when he was on a small 11 seater plane and it was horrible turbulence. Jared mentioned the car flipping in Flight of the Pheonix that he talked about on the Ellen show.

Jared impersonated Jensen at the beginning with this weird arm wave and it was so so funny!

At the end of their duo panel, Jared took away the tall chair and gave Jensen a short chair that we were sitting in. Jensen was the final part of the panel and was asked all these weird questions HAHA He was asked what episodes he didn't like, and he did mention "Bugs" HAHA but also mentioned that the episode where he goes back to meet Mary and her family that Jared was in Hawaii for a week :P

He joked about getting Jason up to play some music, and we were all "as long as you sing along" and Jason starts heading into the room.

HAHA And Jensen did answer Jared's question, and it was asking about Jared's hair and why it was like...neatish in season 1 and then "what happened" in season 2 HAHA And Jensen cracks up and goes "that's awesome." He mentioned having hair as long as Jared's and he didn't miss it at all.

Jensen also spoke about that originally, THIS was supposed to be the last season! But then Kripke saw the ratings for the beginning of the season and goes "oh crap" because they were SO GOOD. So they are thinking about stretching out the main plot of this season and take it into fifth season and end it there. Because originally they just needed 4 full seasons to get a syndicate package and that was it, but they're going to through 5 seasons with the good ratings.

Jensen was cracking up a lot and he kept going, "I'm sorry" when he was trying to get back on focused with the questions. HAHA

He drives a Toyota SUV. And he loves chocolate...his grandmother's chocolate pie is his first favorite and his mother's pumpkin pie is his 2nd.

He spoke about the gag reel and how it was all spur of the moment stuff, not pre planned out. The bit in Jus in Bello where they are in the cell and Jared starts screaming when Malik takes out the gun, Jensen just looks at Jared jumping and screaming and he just does the same. But they don't plan it out.

Jensen was saying that the "magic fingers" was a set guy shaking the bed under the set. And Jensen mentioned the hotel room in "Provenance" and how it was the one room to make them go "huh."

But they totally seemed all at ease together and totally comfortable. Especially Jensen. He seemed, well...not sick, and then more aware and interactive at this one as far as what was going on.

One of the funniest bits was a fan from Switzerland whose first language wasn't English, and she said that the show had taught her all these great words, like "cakehole," "pig in a poke" and Jensen Cracks up and says it's so cute with the accent and imitates her "pig in a poke" and then she asks if we can teach her more words. HAHA so Jensen and all of us are shouting things at her and then she goes "but what does it mean?" HAHA it was so cute!

After the panel were over, there was the autograph signing. It was SUPER FAST. They were all "get everything out, get posters unrolled" and GO GO GO GO GO! HAHA So I got my 2007 Chicago banner signed by Jensen and had Jared sign a photo from the new season 4 promo shots. And that was that! Shannen and I got our seats and tickets for next year. We are keeping the same seat for the panels and have our seat for the breakfast...which is a little worse than this year, but not by much I don't think.

OK, so...if you want to use these images for anything, please ask me first. Do not repost these images (or anything else related to the convention) anywhere else without my permission first.
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