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16 November 2008 @ 02:40 am
A bit more about tonight...

Around 10, Jason came on for his concert. He sang a few new songs that I had never heard! And he sang "Crazy Love" without Jensen, unfortunately. He said that the dinner ran late and he couldn't make it back. I really think Jason continues to get better and his voice continues to sound stronger each time I hear him. He did "Journey" and "Your Song," which are my two absolute favorite songs from him.

After the concert, the gold ticket people had the desert party, which I thought was a LOT better this year as far as food went - as in, we actually had food when we got up to the table this time. Anyway, the first guest we had was Malik, who wanted to know where we were all from and then was asking how we knew each other, and then at the end he said that we should try to visit the set, haha kinda random yes. He seems genuinely interested where we are all from and grateful for us all attending. In short, he seems like a sweetie.

We all built our own last minute centerpiece that was all symbolic and shit and about Dean trapped in hell and he can't eat the junk food that is over him and HAHAHA we got a consolation prize! OMG I'll go into more detail later when I can post photos to go with it.

Samantha came over and said that "we were louder than the microphone!" HAHAHA embarrassing.

Jason came over, and then Richard came over, and then Chad and his hilarious agent Dakota did, and then our final guest of the night was Gabe - and we showed him this video of this HUGE spider we found in our room this morning and totally freaked him out HAHA

So, the desert party was fun and we had more fun this year than last...

And now we're waiting in the hallway for the breakfast panel tomorrow morning. Yep, no sleep for us dedicated fans that want a good seat for the breakfast tomorrow. :P
Dirtylecki: jared - sparkles!!agt_league on November 16th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)
Sounds like a lot of fun so far! :D:D
[vanessa] call me miss shameless.vanee on November 16th, 2008 01:31 pm (UTC)
kidnap jared for me and send him to me as a xmas greeting, please? :D :D

have tons of fun, i can't wait for your reports!