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Saturday, Chicago Creation Con

If you want to use these images for anything, please ask me first. Do not repost these images (or anything else related to the convention) anywhere else without my permission first.

Saturday! YAY!

I officially <3 Malik (Mr. Whitfield) - he is gansta awesome HAHAHA. Seriously though, LOVE HIM.

So..like, my body disappears into the black part of the backdrop HAHA. I'll scan it in when I get home. HAHA shannenb and I were joking that we're clearly on a double date.

(Bad photo, I'll scan them in when I get home) I have my autograph moment with him at the bottom of this post.

The first panel of the day was Samantha Smith's! She looks SO MUCH younger in person! From where we were sitting, she looks a LOT like Kristen Bell with her smile and facial look. I don't know if it's the hair, the lightened eyebrows, or what, but she totally does NOT look like Mary! She is a very sweet person, kinda soft spoken and is actually a fan of the show! YAY!

She spoke a lot about loving to work with JDM, how she really liked working with both boys in "Home" and that is one of her favorite moments. She watches the show, and also enjoyed "Mystery Spot" and the Trickster. Samantha also spoke about her small Yorkie dog and how one of Jared's dog ran up to Samantha's trailer and her yorkie bit Jared's dog on the nose, and Haley ran away immediately! HAHA Clearly, everyone is going to have Jared dog stories to tell.

Samantha also talked about Transformers and how much she liked working with Michael Bay and that she got to kiss Josh. And she is in the sequel, has a small part, and was pregnant in real life when she filmed. So, some questions like "what movies have you seen recently" she was all "I haven't! I have a baby!" Her husband is best friends with Nathan Fillion and also with Alan Tudyk, so she is now a fan of Firefly, and she was saying that when her husband is with Nathan and Alan it's like the 3 Stooges.

Second panel was Jason Manns and he spoke about the film he is producing, where he grew out his hair to look like a hobo. He spoke about meeting Jensen and Steve, and having his song in the season 3 opener. He said it was great exposure for him. He said that he has been following Jensen's roles and did watch him on Smallville and Supernatural now. He was friend

And then he went into this story of how he and Jensen shot each other with bebe guns? HAHA they were being stupid guys and decided to see what it was like getting shot with a bebe gun. So they were going to shoot each other in the butt, but they both missed and Jason got hit in the back of the leg and Jensen got hit in the back. Oh boys *rolls eyes* HAHA

We had a quick lunch from McDonald's and then we had Charles Malik Whitfield's panel.

He is SO cool! And he has cute dimples!

It's so funny because, let's face it, we don't really have a strong black presence in SPN as far as actors (pretty much him and Sterling), so here comes this guy who is all "see, what had happened was..." and talking about knowing Biggie, Lil' Kim, and growing up in Brooklyn and selling drugs before getting into acting, and all serious stuff. He is in a movie coming up about Notorious BIG and spoke about knowing him. He also spoke about the Temptations and getting to act in that. And his favorite curse word is "motherfucker" and he just likes saying that.

Malik also spoke a lot about SPN, and having the thrown head first into a toilet, which he jokingly started to walk off stage when he was asked that...hw was joking about having to watch what water was being poured into the toilet and the guys wouldn't try to prank him. They guys really didn't prank him too much, he said...more just that they had a lot of comedic moments. Malik spoke about getting to work and hang out with the guys and he so many good things to say about them. He said so many good things about the set, all the cast and crew and getting to work on the show.

VERY cool guy, he had a lot of questions and a loud alpplause at the end. He's someone I would definitely want to see again.

In between Shannen and I got our tickets for next year since we think it very well might be the last Chicago con...and apparently they are already over half way sold out of gold tickets for next year, so yeah, I'm glad we've got ours. I called my dad and he is buying mine for me for Christmas rather than the Kindle I wanted.

Then we had our photo op with Samantha, Malik, and Chad, and I was between Samantha and Malik and he smelled nice HAHA

Autographs went well...I got to meet everly before the autographs started, and we were behind agt_spooky so we got to chat and catch up.

First one was Chad, and I just had him sign the back of my weekend pass since I have like 4 autographs from him already.

Then was Samantha, and she is SO SO PRETTY! I said thank you for coming, and she said of course, thank you! And I said that her panel was funny and I did love her dog story too.

And finally I got to Malik, and he is pretty yummy. I went up to him and said, "can I ask you sign this with something specific?" and he said sure, so I said, "can you sign this 'to one Whitfield from another' because we have the same last name!"> and he says, "No way! Right on" and puts his hand up for a high five HAHA. So he signs my autograph and I said that I loved his character and all the episodes he was in are some of my most favorite. So he signed it and gave his photo back and I said, "so do people misspell or missay your name as often as I get it?" and he was like, "oh yeah, all the time." I told him I had gotten "windshield" before as my last name and he was all, "yeah, well I've gotten used to it and just had to accept being...y'know, the guy at the end of the line" HAHA and I said yes, that I'm quite familiar with that as well.

So, now we've ordered dinner and we are waiting for the Jason Manns concert and the desert party afterwards!

More tomorrow, it's J2 day!!!!!! I'll have time to upload anything from the breakfast panel immediately after because I don't have photo ops, so be on the watch for something from me tomorrow morning!

And regarding the potential wank rumors going around, I don't know anything concrete. Honestly, I don't know how it could be Jensen because he most likely is NOT here. Jason himself said that Steve and his family wanted to go out with Jensen and Jared for dinner tonight. Honestly, I doubt they are staying at the host hotel and I doubt that they would just bring them in the main entrance when there are fans all over the place getting autographs, picking up photos, eating dinner in the main part of the hotel, etc. SO, I don't know anything (I honestly thought it would be Chad since his crazy ass grabbing drug guzzling fangirl from EyeCon is here) so I really think we need to NOT blow this out of proportion just yet (and yes, I'm well aware I'm probably saying this too late, but y'know...as far as I know, no one knows anything concrete just yet.)
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