Rachel (_sin_attract) wrote,

SPN 4x07


ewwwww baby

OWWWWWWW ewwwwww so that's some bad candy OUCH

HAHA I like the title o the episode. And the boys look good in suits. /shallow

Dean eating candy, surprise surprise

ewww, it boiled her face off

"I would never." HAHA RIGHT Dean

Leprecauns! "Those things are scary, small hands" haha Oh Dean!

OK, so...commercial break. I'm watching this up on campus and there were ANNOYING guys in the same room having a study session - and talking a LOT

hahah and look at all the candy he ate! oh Dean, gorging yourself on candy

waiiiiit who was it? Oh, OK.

flashbacks to hell, poor Dean. I will admit it, the masks are kinda creepy

hahah the kid giving Dean attitude "You don't need any more candy" hahahah


hahaha Sam "oh my God! no wait I didn't"....oh Sam trying to cover his tracks and being all starstuck at meeting an angel and wanting to shake his hand. SEE HE'S STILL GOOD HE'S STILL OUR SAMMICH!

Oh Castiel, way to not sugarcoat anything mentioning Sam's demon blood. Sooooo serious.

oooohhhh, 66 seals. I'm glad that they're getting back to that.

hmmm, cloaked even to the angels?

Uriel! He is a bad ass mofo angel...won't put up with Dean's jokes. But yeah, him and Castiel standing together and the glances? Innnnttteeeresting angels.

smite the town...harsh choice.

mudmonkeys haha

ouch, that's a low blow mentioning his dad. That's a big no no on the "talking to Dean" deal.

I like the boys standing up to the angels. Especially Dean standing up to Castiel. HOT.

pretty close up of Jensen

hahahaha his car got egged! OH NO not the Metallicar! HAHAH Dean is PISSED



Sam has been disillusioned by the reality of the angels. awwwwww

hahahah "sit there fingering your bone." HAHA

they had the wrong person?

aww Castiel sticking up for Sam an' Dean!

I looooovvveee these two together. Castiel is contemplative and slow to think things through, and Uriel is all fast to act and hot headed. LOVE IT. They are not your typical angels!

oooh, nice camera pan fast mode

ahhh so both of them I see.

Poor boys!

hahaha that must have been awkward to film where they just have to roll around in fake pain.


heh "whore."

Nice. so they look dead to him? Smart thinking Sam. I thought he was gonna try to do something with his demon powers at first.

Commercial break.

And we're back!

Dude, what town goes THIS out for Halloween? No one near me!

Yeah Sam do NOT use your powers!

oh boy, I sense badness coming up.

what? Party in a mausoleum? how.....morbid.

It's totally gonna be zombies.

ON NO Dean don't let him go alone, he's gonna use his demon powers.

"bring it on stinky"

hahahaha "demon ray gun stuff? Doesn't work on me."

ghouls now

c'mon Sam you can do it!

NO NOT THAT. NO NO NO don't give in!!!!!!

oh no, bad bad bad this is bad. SAMMMMMY! oh no, this is bad.

oh no, Sam and Dean staring at each other....this is bad.

commercial break.

I think Uriel is a bit prejudiced. And really, really mean to Sam.

HAHAHA Sam called the angels dicks!

I wouldn't have done that.

Oh man, Uriel is out for Sam.

awwwww, gonna make Dean bring up hell. That'll be an angst session.

"I am not here to judge you Dean." I LOVE CASTIEL. Heh even my friend who has never watched for than a handful of episodes really loved Castiel. "He's hot!"

their orders were to follow Dean's orders?

ahhh a test.

GAH I LOVE THIS SEASON. It's sooooo deep. I mean, this is serious discussion. SRS BSNS.

A doubting, questioning angel. I LOVE HIM. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Oh man...Castiel is clearly team!Dean and Uriel is just looking out for their own interests. I think these guys are great...clearly, they just need guys on the show.


I love my show!

OK, so now my friends and I are gonna play Rock Band now!
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