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The Hub: TW Convention: Sunday sans Barrowman - but still awesome!

Sunday report coming at ya! This was totally the day of Gareth and Kai HAHA but the entire day was awesome!

Again, if you would like to use any of these images PLEASE let me know beforehand! Also, another very image heavy post!

I wrote a lot less about Sunday...mostly because I was exhausted and I've sorta meshed it all together in my brain. I need to go back later tonight to remind myself of what happened.

This morning, all Charly and I had left to do was get 5 autographs - from Anthony, Kai, Gareth, Sara, and Paul. And I got one from Andy, one of the other Weevils. They were really great at their lines were open, so we got all the autos we needed within the hour. They were all super nice and it's always fun to have an actor recognize your face, which Gareth did. HAHA Kai and Gareth were definitely both a bit y'know, hungover, but they were still very nice.

After that, Charly, Marcie, and I went for some breakfast/lunch/brunch, and then relaxed back in the room until the afternoon things started. I will say at this point, I am exhausted! Whew!

The first panel was Naoko, Sara, and Anthony. They were so cute together! Anthony was great to see again, and Naoko was just as adorable as yesterday! (we kept "awwww"ing her and whatever she says because she is so adorable and it became a running gag that completely embarrassed her! She'd sit up and go "WHY?!") Anthony told his story about both he a Brian from "Adam" getting to make out with Naoko on the same day. Sara talked about how she had to film her sex scene with the other actor and then by herself and the idea of a "closed set" is not so closed. Anthony is proud of his younger brother, which I think is cute. Naoko spoke about working with James Marsters and was afraid to tell us that she didn't know who he was before he appeared on Torchwood (so we called her a bad geek).

And then the next panel was the monster panel - Paul Kasey, Ian, Andy Lane, and Richard Tunesi. They were all great...spoke a lot about wearing the costumes and the masks and how long it took to get into costumes. How they wore them and walked in them. I actually didn't know they were as involved in Doctor Who as they are - Cybermen, Ood, and other creatures they have all played. They all seem like great guys, especially Ian and Paul.

Then we had a panel for Gareth and Kai, who were hilarious! They made fun of John needing to be the center of attention. They BOTH took off their pants to show us how great their legs are - Gareth is especially proud of calves. And both wear briefs. HAHA They both sang for us, Gareth sang his song again, Kai sang an entire song and has a great singing voice! They talked about gifts they have received, the good and the bad.

And the final panel of the convention was with all 9 of the guests - and it was so funny. Naoko was made fun of some more, and she actually had to run out to the bathroom, and we joked about leaving the room so she'd come back all confused. Sara and Gareth actually used to date and are broken up now, so...haha, not such nice things were said between the two of them. Especially since things were so innuendo-filled, she didn't hold back in saying anything bad against him. But Gareth held his own, that's for sure. They spoke about mottos they have, roles they would like to play, heroes, and what you tell yourself to prevent Barrowman from ruining your mind HAHA. We "awwwww"ed Naoko some more, and then awwed Sara some too.

We said our final goodbye to all of the guests, and most of them were leaving tonight. Gareth we saw at the party some, but I know Kai and Naoko were leaving right after, and I didn't see anyone else after the final panel. The staff and convention organizers said a few words (including about Hub II in March 2009 which I'm pretty sure I'm going to attend...) and thanked us all for being good attendees (y'know, when there are NO FLYING FANGIRLS, it means a successful convention!) and being cool with the guests.

We went for dinner at this fish and chips place (and the fish was really yummy) and then came back to the room to eat. We went downstairs for a short time, but I think we're all a bit too exhausted to really enjoy the party. So we are relaxing upstairs in the room reliving the fun weekend!

Seriously, this was probably the best convention I have ever been to. The 2 groups panels - but mostly just the entire Saturday with John - and the skit on Saturday night were just the funniest things I have EVER EVER seen at a con! I have never laughed so hard during a panel, I don't think...yesterday in the group panel I was laughing so hard I was crying.

It's kinda odd because I don't know too many people in the TW fandom since I've been mainly with the SPN folks for the past 4 years, but even though I didn't know too many other people, I HAD A BLAST. I think the convention was very well run - all of the autos and photos were in the morning so you could sit and enjoy all of the panels in the afternoon, and letting us enter in batches of 30 starting with gold first worked smoothly. And the guests? Just AWESOME. Even if I never meet John again (but I hope I will) then this was a completely unforgettable encounter!

And one that I can hopefully repeat in March - they already have signed on Tom Price? who is PC Andy, Matt Rippey, who was the original Capt. Jack Harkness, are THIS close to signing Eve Myles, and have signed on Kai...Gareth said on Sunday he could easily be convinced to come. I imagine what they are trying to do, what with the raised prices in tickets, is to get the entire cast there for the weekend. *crosses fingers*


Marcie's friend, Chris, picked us up on Monday morning and took us to a Tesco for some last minute food shopping. And the flight back home was pretty standard. We actually got through security MUCH faster than I thought we would (maybe it's just terminal 3 that's busy? Or with terminal 5 working fine things are more spread out and less crowded?) Anyway, Marcie and I shopped around - I got a couple things at Harrod's and the Little Britain store, like shortbread and tea. Our plane boarded at 3:30, but we didn't leave until 45 minutes after our departure time due to the rain.

The flight seemed long - probably because we had these asshats sitting in front of us who kept pushing the chairs back and the guy kept putting his hand back and over our TV screen. And he bitched about where I put my stuff in the overhead bins. Anyway, so we got home, got through security, and I drove back home. 95 was down to 1 lane for road work between Manassass and Quantico - BOY that was fun, let me tell you. *sigh*

But now it's Monday and I'm finishing typing this up, and I definitely have the post-con blues. And allergies since I'm back in Richmond.

All I can say is that it was THE BEST con and really John had a large part in making such an incredible weekend. I do hope he can go in March, because if they can get him with Gareth AND Eve there? I think the panels will be HILARIOUS!

OK, so that's the weekend in 3 huge posts. I had a blast and had fun hanging out with some great friends! And making new ones!
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