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The Hub: TW Convention: Saturday AKA JOHN DAY!

Here is Saturday's write up! VERY image heavy, be warned! (Seriously, I took over 100 of John alone so it's probably 200+ images). Again, if you would like to use any of these images PLEASE let me know beforehand! (Ad can I just say? These are THE BEST photos I have EVER taken at a con before! I got close ups I've never gotten at other conventions!)

And all of my photo ops are also behind the cut!

Saturday morning started out bright and early! Our first photo ops were at 8:30! They were a bit behind schedule at the start, but we got through it. I actually really liked the photo op system and the photographers. They took the time to look and make sure the photos were OK before you left, and they even said if you should move your head or scoot over. My first photo op was with Kai who is adorable and lovely!

And then Gareth, who greeted me with "Hello again gorgeous" *sigh* and a "thank you much"...really? I need to find a Welsh man in the US with an accent like his.

And then Paul, who was surprised that we came from the US! He's just this adorable little guy who is all smiles. Great guy. We got to talk to him after the day's panels and he was talking about previous Who conventions he has done and Marcie and I talked about coming from the US and the BBCA and how popular Torchwood is over there.

Then Naoko! She is adorable! I walk in and she goes "Oh my gosh, I LOVE your dress!" and I say thanks and that I love her necklace (it was this really neat twisting silver necklace) and then we get our photo taken. I said "OMG I'm so sorry, I think I pulled your hair!" because I lowered my hand on top of her hair and I thought I had pulled it when I moved. But she said I didn't (I still think I did).

And then Lachlan, who was also surprised we came from the States. He said "where abouts?" and I said Virginia, and he said thank you so much for coming out. I said I should be thanking him! He looks a LOT like James Franco to me, and is MUCH thinner than I thought he was from seeing him in that one episode.

And then JOHN. Hee! His photos were going really fast, but I'll say that when I stepped towards him he just reached out and PULLED me right beside him (in a very Jared-like manner) and he's just wonderful.

In between the photos, we were also getting autographs. John's autos were way behind schedule, and when I got up there they were telling me that he was signing 3 items maximum, which meant trouble since yesterday I bought 3 auto tickets bringing my total to 4. I said "I'm sorry, but I bought these last night and no one said anything about a limit then" so they let me through. I had a photo that James signed at DragonCon, the big series 2 cast photo, a 10x10 single series 1 shot, and his autobiography to sign. His sister, Carole, was here as well to sign the autobiography and help promote the 2nd book they are working on together, and she is lovely as well! (You can definitely tell it's her because their eyes and that area of their facial structure look exactly the same.)

When we got to him signing his book, I told my story of how I was listening to the audiobook on my iPod on my way to Glasgow and was sitting on the train cracking up and trying not to, and that the other people on the train must have thought I was mad. John laughed and said that's what he wanted to have people do. And then I spoke to Carole about how hard it is to get John's book and merchandise in the US, and she said they were going to try and work on that for the 2nd book and releases in the future, and John looked over and said he was upset that it was so hard for US fans to get his stuff and there were problems with the distributors initially getting the products. They are both just lovely, and it's so great that John is so appreciative of his fans.

After John's autos, I got one from Lachlan (who I had nothing to really discuss since this was pre-panel and I didn't know what to say), and then I went to Ian Hilditch's table (who is John's body double for the show). OMG he is ADORABLE. I rolled my poster out for him to sign and he asked if I came all the way from the US just for the convention, which I said yes to. And he just goes, "that's just...I can't...you came from...really? All the way just to see us?" and then he goes "Well, I have to give you a hug for coming all the way out here!" and he gives me a great big hug! And he just can't stop talking about how he can't believe we came from the US just to see them. I told him we also came to see David Tennant's play and he had nothing but praise to sing for the man. And even signed my poster "Thank you so much for coming, have a safe flight back" to which I replied, "shouldn't I be saying that to you? Thank YOU for coming!" so yeah. He seems like a very nice guy!

And then I got Naoko's autograph. And after our talk last night, I didn't have too much else to say, so we just talked a bit about Tosh and her being on the show, and I said thank you. When I first got up to her, she again said "I just. LOVE. Your dress. It's adorable, I love the color. Where did you get it?" HAHA Naoko wanted to steal my dress! :P

The last one of the day was Richard Tunesi, who was a Weevil on the show. He has some wicked sideburns, that's for sure! I would later find out in the panels that he is a very well spoken man and very calm.

We had our big group shot...which, honestly? Was weird and very impersonal. We were all standing up and I didn't know what to do with my hands and I didn't want to block anyone, especially since Gareth and John were both behind me. But the photo turned out OK. I am glad I have it. I just wish I had turned myself a bit to the left so I could angle myself with all of the other actors.

And this was the group shot of all the attendees we also got with our package.

Then after lunch, the big room opened up for the panels. We had great seats, 2nd row left side, but on the end of the center aisle. First up was John's panel - and OH. MY. GOD. He is everything and more that you see on TV. He's loud, doesn't hide anything back, and will TALK about ANYTHING! He started by fake-tripping up onto the stage, sprawling out on the floor, and then falling again up the step, before finally making it into his seat. And then turned around to lower his jeans, which I think he would have done if not for the belt. HAHA He spoke about returning to Broadway (and basically told us not to expect it for a while), wanting to produce something with Gavin (even mentioning meeting in LA and possibly producing something in the US), his new puppy, his support to rescuing animals, mentioned Scott a few times, and talked about Torchwood and Captain Jack.

And spoke some about people pretending to be him on Facebook and that he and Prince William are the 2 most-impersonated celebrities on Facebook and that John has to pay 1000 pounds to block any fake accounts. He spoke about the autobiography and using/not using his Scottish accent in public. He loves watching himself on TV, loves the reality TV shows that he does since they are actually looking for talent rather than entertainment shows that aren't really "reality." Oh! And at the very end of his panel he did say - spoiler for series 3 - that he has a full nude scene HAHA and pointed from his head all the way down to his toes.

Go Obama! He is a big Obama supporter and actually still has his voting card and is coming back to the US on Election day to vote. ALL of them support Obama.

Don't worry, they'd come off before the weekend was up. *sigh* I think I've seen too much of these guys! HAHA

HAHA I shall leave it up to you to figure out what he was talking about.

After John's panel was Gareth's, Naoko's, and Kai's all together. OMG the three of them together were a RIOT. The boys picked on Naoko, Naoko had some sweets that she refused to give to Kai. Gareth and Kai sang and we tried to get Naoko to sing, but she didn't. Gareth talked about his band, they all spoke about what makes them nervous, what they love about their characters...Naoko loves that she was a geek, Gareth likes the mysteriousness of Ianto, and Rhys likes his relationship with Gwen. We started "awwww"ing at everything Naoko does because she's so cute and she makes these adorable little frustrated faces when the boys made fun of her for taking too long to answer and getting off track. And so we started going "awwwww" every time she mentioned Tosh dying, and the boys were getting upset that we weren't giving them any "awwww"ing love. HAHA

Up next was Paul Kasey, Jack Montgomery, and Lachlan...and these three guys were great as well. Paul talked about the different creatures, mostly the Weevils and Blowfish, Jack talked about auditioning and meeting John, Lachlan made fun of John and his first meeting with John's bouncy walk (which was the first thing John brought up in the group panel)

Gawd, this man has a gorgeous smile!

As you can tell, I may have fallen a bit in love with this man.

And finally, a huge panel with all 8 of our guests! IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER EVER EVER. Yes, this one tops the J2 panel from Chicago, sorry but it must be said! Kai, Naoko, Gareth, and John were all sitting together and were just COMPLETE innuendo freaks the entire time! John kissed Kai - like, major kiss and then told us a story where they just kissed and Eve Myles was just like "AAAACH!", and then the entire panel John and Gareth keep teasing us with almost-kisses (think SPN Paley but mouths touching a LOT CLOSER) and Gareth sitting on John's lap and moving to the left, and then FINALLY a good snog at the very end of the panel! :P But yeah, the entire time Gareth just had all these witty comebacks and it was as if he and John were trying to one-up each other the entire time. John said that when they started filming, Naoko and Gareth weren't like this, so he must be rubbing off on him (which, enter Gareth with innuendo comeback.)

They had me in tears by the end of the panel with John being outrageous John! Constantly picking on Naoko and the other guys, especially Lachlan. John said that after first meeting Lachlan, he texted RTD and said "oh. my god. Can you please write an incest scene?", to which RTD replied with "adding that right now" HAHA Oh John! Only he could make a joke about incest and get us all cracking up! He really picked on Lachlan, and Lachlan threw witty remarks right back at him - "anything from you, John" and "I just got laid" in response to John's "just laid" tombstone engraving. And John joked, saying "there's still hope left" for Lachlan being gay - and that Lachlan has a great ass.

They were serious some times, but John constantly had something to say...like getting a question about time traveling, and John said his serious one would be to visit his parents, but his naughty one would be to go back to Rome and the bathhouses for "swimming" on his own side separated from Richard. The last question was "what would you want on your gravestone" and even that turned naughty! Throughout the entire panel there were just LOTS of gay sex jokes HAHA Oh John! "To the left...now bring it back, bring it back." Thank you for being you!

Not too many photos of this...I'm sure for those who know me, you can imagine why...

We broke again for dinner, and tonight is a party where the boys are apparently putting on a skit for us that a friend of mine wrote very quickly!

When we headed down to the party, it was themed a 1930's/40's ball, like in the series 1 episode Captain Jack Harkness episode. The room was really nice with the British flags and they were playing swing/big band music. Then they had a live show with these 2 women, the Swingtime Sweethearts, and they sang a bunch of songs I've probably heard most on Lawrence Welk. It was a lot of fun...we started moving up towards the front of the stage area since we figured that the skit was coming up right after this, and we were right.

John, Gareth, and Kai all had their skit AND IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER EVER SEEN. (Oh my god, if only Jared and Jensen could do something like this in a SPN style...I can dream, right?) It started like an episode with the Torchwood theme music, and John and Gareth dancing like drunken idiots around on the stage (along with some innuendo of John going down on Gareth...which, really? Wasn't that the theme of the entire weekend?). Then the show started. Jack and Ianto were trying to find each other, lost in Northampton, joking about Ianto and him bringing coffee "it's what I do." "It's what he does." and making some dirty jokes about "coming around the back" and then Rhys appears (without Gwen as everyone mentioned) and tries to help the two. The plot was that the hotel was hosting a sci-fi convention called The Nub HAHA, they poked fun at some of the staff members and the audience, and said that there was an alien loose that Jack had shot but not caught.

Then they TOTALLY made fun of the Lost Souls radio play and them going to Switzerland and breaking that device there. HAHA and we're all shouting at John and Gareth "yes you did have something to do with it!" and John is shouting back "no we fucking did NOT!" and after messing up the hilarious rugby "conversion/conversation" line he said "I only play one ball sport and it isn't on a fucking field, that's for sure!" They all messed up reading the script, like John mis-reading the "watch my back" lines with Rhys, which only made it funnier. And John had this great "I keep having flashbacks-flashbacks-flashbacks-flashbacks" while his head is turning every way freaking out like a crazy person.

So then Rhys finds them all and they joke about getting separated, and then that the audience would want to see some Jack/Ianto/Rhys and John and Gareth kissed and COMPLETELY went for it...totally slipped some tongue and just full on making out (we were in the 1st row so it was easy to see what was going on) and John dips Gareth while kissing him. HAHA And then Rhys got infected by the gay alien and they're all bending down looking at Kai's ass, Gareth is shouting "Can you hear us, man?! Can I get you anything? A subway? Pizza?" and then Kai stands up and he's gay! He starts singing "It's Raining Men" and John joins in and is hopping around on the stage. And it wasn't an alien, it was a gay!lien! (And can I just say John's high-pitched girly HEEE! laugh is the best thing ever) And the three prance off stage to go have a threesome. HAHA Gareth's walk/strut off the stage was hilarious.

And let me say this - if you see ANYONE with video of this on YouTube/DailyMotion/Photobucket/etc. report them and tell them to remove their video. Because we want to see this again at the next Hub and DO NOT want the actors to get in any trouble with the BBC or industry. We, and myself, do NOT want to see it get ruined by people who are uploading video. JOHN asked us to not record it, so please do ask he asks. If you got video, great! KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

And then the come back out on stage and all 3 flashed us at the same time! AHHHHH MY EYES! HAHAHA And then John kissed Kai and then Kai kissed Gareth, and then John is crawling on the floor and Kai is slapping his ass and - OH MY GOD THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR HOW FUNNY THIS THING WAS.


Coming up...Sunday!
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