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EyeCon Part Deux Report!

EyeCon Report

Video is slowly but surely going up!

Friday morning, I woke up at a god awful hour after getting only 1 1/2 hours of sleep to head to the airport - which was unusually crowded! I had a layover in Cincinnati and then arrived in Orlando at 1:00.

A friend of mine who lives in Tallahassee picked me up and we went to the Salvadore Dali museum in St. Petersburg - it was SO SO neat! The focus on the current gallery was depictions of women. Some of the paintings were really bizzare and it was all just very neat. It was a bit of a let down that 1/3 of the entire gallery was closed off because they were changing exhibits and paintings, so there were 3 rooms we didn't get to see, but what we saw was great. I got a couple books that cover his complete works that I can't wait to start looking through.

We got to the Florida Mall Hotel around 7 and I went to check in and meet up with my roommate, ames1010 and our "suitemates" shannenb and isisfrog and met up with cloudydaze and her sister. We went for a late dinner in the food court and then pretty much hung around until Jason's concert that night.

Jason sounded really good! I've heard him play 4 times now, and he gets better each time he plays. His voice sounds stronger and he has even more range in his voice than I remember the first time I heard him. Plus, when compared to the room at Asylum, the acoustics were MUCH better in the Florida Hotel. Since isisfrog wasn't going to the show, I got to sit up in the front row with the rest of my friends, which was nice! I had a general reserved seating ticket, the 1st one in row I...but that actually turned out better than I thought since the rows went A-E and then I - so I was a bit further up than I thought I would be! Nice!

I felt really bad for him when he messed up a line and tried to keep going, but a girl in the royalty seat just BURST out laughing and he just stopped and had to restart and then move on. That was kinda pathetic...not on his part.

After the concert, we hung out...I was exhausted, but y'know, it was great getting to catch up with my friends!

Saturday we woke up early so we could make it in for Jim Beaver's panel. Jim, as always, is a great guy! Apparently he has said he only wants to do EyeCon and won't attend any more Creation events, which I think is all kinds of awesome. Anyway, Jim said "ya idjiots" and spoke about working with the boys. He mentioned the new TV show he is in, Harper's Island, but that he had to sign THREE confidentiality contracts and couldn't really say a thing about the show. He got a t-shirt from Fandom Rocks thanking him for giving Jared and Jensen the military coins. (And he got some other t-shirt and a theme song, but let's pretend that didn't happen). Jim continues to push for the "Bobby in a hot tub" scene. And he joked about sleeping for real when Castiel put Bobby to sleep. Heh I find it amusing that Jim more than anyone, gets called his character's name during panels. Jim constantly teased about spoiling us and telling us anything we wanted to know about the season. And he talked about Bobby's panic room. And having to go back to re-dub the scene in 4x02 where he is talking in Aramaic and they asked him if he had remembered it. And he does have a plan to prank Jared back...he needs to keep us posted! And he called Jared a "six foot baby who thinks he's in kindergarden."

After Jim was the Ghostfacers duo and I swear, they are the funniest group second to Jared and Jensen together! Travis must have mad ADD because he's all twitchy and has to move around and was all fidgety like at Asylum :P They talked about how they filmed the episode with camcorders and how much was improv and they would film it for real and then film it a second time and just go off with the improv. They completely LOST it with the "Chisel chest" improv and Jared just fell onto the ground, with HUGE bellowing laughter and then walked off the set going "CHISEL CHEST HAHAHA". AJ talked about CSI and being added to the cast. And AJ was complaining that his mike wasn't echoing like Travis' was and they swapped mikes to get AJ's to echo, and then later one he began to pound the mike on his forehead repeatedly until there was a red circle in the middle of his forehead!

Travis is all "Questions? YES! Questions! Question? Yes, question!" repeatedly. And the talked about filming in "hell House" where they were creeping up to the house with their equipment and night vision goggles, and they THOUGHT they heard "action" so they start creeping towards the house and make it to the middle of the set - and no one ever called "action." and the entire crew is standing there staring at them!

They did the Ghostfacers theme song and the slow-mo walk, which were both hilarious! They talked about that they are "in talks" for future Ghostfacers-things, and that it really has been a huge thing for their career and their favorite role. And they spoke about crashing the panel at ComicCon. Sometimes they're like such girls together, I swear, when AJ is joking about how much he loved EuroTrip and they're just gushing over each other. SO funny! They called Jared a giant and Travis stood on the stool while AJ stooped down. And Jared picked AJ up and just ran around with him and Jensen was like "Jared, put him down!" and AJ said "I thought I was skydiving."

HAHA And I got stuck in the elevator with Travis and AJ and Travis was making all these WEIRD sounds and AJ was just "man, that's gotta stop."

We had a break for lunch - back to the food court!

And then next up was Fred Lehne's panel. Poor guy, he was sick the entire weekend. But he was great nonetheless! We missed some of his panel, and I went back up to the room in the middle of it, but he did talk about working on Lost, X-Files, Firefly - how he seems to die in every television role he has, which death scenes were his favorite (and joked that his real death "wasn't as good as on Supernatural") haha and was a funny guy.

Up next was Nikki Aycox, and it was just the MOST perfect timing since we got to see her in 4x02. It was so great to have more current info about her character to ask about. She was VERY cool! She talked about how she got to really have a lot to say in what Meg did and how she did it, and how it was her idea to crawl back and forth between the guys in Shadow and kick Jensen's leg down. She kept joking that she could take the boys and she's too smart to fall for her pranks. And that coming back to film felt like she hadn't missed anything....it all felt the same family type feeling.

Someone asked her "who would win in a fight, Meg or Ruby" and she was like "that's a stupid question! Of course Meg!" and then someone asked about "Meg vs. Castiel" and she said "Meg!"...until someone told her Castiel is an angel, not a demon, and she "OMG I shouldn't have said that! I keep waiting to get hit by lightening." And she spoke about getting into the acting biz and meeting Bruce Willis. And she spoke about a few projects she has coming out (A 1940s movie where she plays a German woman post WWII, that Truckers movie II).

After Nikki was Jason's panel, which I really enjoyed. He had his guitar with him, which I think was a smart move, because it made it more like a Soundstage/Unplugged music session rather than a panel. He talked about his writing process, favorite songs he wrote and he covers, how he met Jensen and their music buddy gang, and using his songs on Supernatural.

So...after the panels were done for the day, we headed over to eat dinner with a BUNCH of people (some I still don't know who you were!) rather than go to the Platinum dinner. The food was good (although really? How long does it take to get a burger?). And after dinner was the Platinum party. I couldn't get into the Platinum party, obviously, but we sat outside near the door and you could hear everything anyway. Jason sang "Hallelujah" and a couple other songs and then Rock Band started and Chad attempted to sing "Eye of the Tiger" and everyone fled the surrounding area HAHA. Seriously, the guy needs to stick to acting because he CANNOT sing! ;)

After the Plat party was Steve's concert, which I really enjoyed! It was great getting to hear some new songs that he hasn't sung at the con concerts before. I still like him best when it's just him and not his backup and pianist. He still sang some of my favorite songs!

shannenb and I ordered pizza (that was kinda weird, don't order from them again) and we went back up to the room to watch a couple episodes of the show - Bad Day at Black Rock and Born Under a Bad Sign.

Sunday started with JARED! Photo ops were first...mine, eh...I still love my photo with him from the first EyeCon ten times better! But he's still a cutie and the only man I know who is that much taller than me in heels! *happy sigh*

Next was his panel - and it was fantastic! janleyjewels did her presentation first, which was sweet and I think Jared was just shocked by the donation and what we did. And he got this pretty awesome Supernatural chess set that was made by a fan. He did speak about living with Jensen (which, we KNEW already...that was not a rumor or anything, you guys!). They have a double story house where Jared lives on one floor and Jensen on the second, and they have one of their bodyguards bring in food and stuff. "And we dance. And cook, and clean." And he joked about how eventually he might get sick of Jensen and buy him his own house to get him out. But yeah, I hope no one asks him questions about his private living situation with Jensen again. It's bad when we were taking bets on when that question would be asked - and it was the FIRST one. Wow. And someone asked if Sam was having sex with Ruby. And Jared is all for Evil!Sam. He spoke a bit about Friday the 13th, the current season - which he's all excited about, he did talk about Gilmore Girls and being friends with CMM. HAHA he thought it was "Evilsam" when he didn't realize there was a space.

He joked about being engaged to Jim and Nikki. "Nikki is beautiful. Jim is. A. DUDE." Speaking of, Jim, popped into Jared's panel a few times and so did AJ and Travis and joked about the "chisel chest" scene and how he was laughing the entire time they were filming Ghostfacers so there isn't any good footage of him. And Jared loves Sam and Dean's brother relationship. And joked about Jensen crying again and called him a weiner. He did the "My daddy shot your daddy in the head" line. And joked about a bodyswap between Bobby, Dean, and Sam. Jared wants to be Bobby...with long johns and a thong :P He actually insulted Buffy which...OUTRAGE HAHA, and prays that there never is a musical. And talked about Sam's shirts and how his entire outfit he wore down for that day was from Sam's wardrobe.

Jared was also making funny whale/microphone feedback sounds in between questions. HAHA. He prefers the serious filming versus the funny filming since he loves furthering the main plot for the show rather than the filler episodes. HAHA He said he'd love to do something like LOTR-scale, and someone said he'd make a good hobbit and he's like "A 6 for hobbit?!" HAHA. And he wants the brothers to clash in some way.

janleyjewels, here's you and Jared when he was signing things for you!

After Jared's panel, we took a break for lunch. And then we had Chad's panel. He talked a lot about the movie (which, I am sad I missed), about some earlier projects, what he's been doing right now. He's auditioned for some movie roles. He even talked about Buffy and it being his first role. He completely loves Ash and would love to come back and show that his character isn't dead. We sat towards the back to chill out, so I don't have any photos from the rest of the day.

After Chad, we had Steve's panel - and he also had his guitar and sang a few songs for us.

And that was the end of the con! shannenb, ames1010, isisfrog, baileytc and I ordered Chinese in continuing with tradition! And we sat around and gossiped like, y'know, always! We were up until 2 AM and had to wake up extra early to get the airport. Last time there was a ridiculously long line, but this time it wasn't bad at all.

So shannenb, ames1010 and I grabbed breakfast and then left to come back home. I got back at 3:30 and came back home, Mom took me out for dinner, and then I immediately crashed and fell asleep. SO TIRED!

OK, so those are my photos! I'm working on uploading video (Jared is going up first and then Ghostfacers and then Nikki video) and want to know if you all are interested in audio from the panels?

Poll #1269571 EyeCon

Do you want audio copies of the panels?

YES! All!
Just Jared please!
Just Jared and Ghostfacers!
No, just work on the video
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