Rachel (_sin_attract) wrote,

Firefly, DragonCon 2008 Sunday Panel - Video, Audio, Picspam

Here is the full audio for the Sunday Firefly panel with Nathan, Jewel, Morena, and Alan!
PART 1 [300 MB]
PART 2 [271 MB]
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Direct Links to Video:


Some highlights from Sunday's panel:
It's pretty hard to say what the highlights are because the entire panel had me laughing so much I was in tears by the end! Jewel singing about recycling and telling her embarrassing story of meeting Matthew Fox and Nathan showing us his acting tips he picked up from "One Life to Live" had me dying in laughter! And Nathan with this "tile" face was great! Morena and Nathan and the kiss was great. I love how you can see how much the cast truly care for each other and that they loved working together. Honestly, they are just the best cast ever. And although they might move onto other projects, you know that Firefly is very near and dear to their hearts.

If you want to use any of the photos PLEASE LET ME KNOW BEFOREHAND. Also, I would rather people link friends to THIS post for the audio and video rather than re-post it yourself, please and thank you!
Tags: alan tudyk, dragoncon 2008, firefly, jewel staite, morena baccarin, nathan fillion, picspam, serenity

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