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Firefly, DragonCon 2008 Saturday Panel - Video, Audio, Picspam

Here is the full audio for the Saturday Firefly panel with Nathan, Jewel, Morena, and Alan!
PART 1 [300 MB]
PART 2 [300 MB]
PART 3 [83 MB]
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Direct Links to Video:


Some highlights from Saturday's panel:
Really, if you have ever watched the TV show or love any/all of these actors, you have to just watch it all and listen to the hilarity of this cast with each other! The entire thing is a highlight! From Jewel talking about one-upping Nathan with her middle finger prank, to Nathan's sound effects on his iPhone, to Morena having to lean over and ask "Who is Dr. Horrible?" It's all great! Jewel and Nathan are all snarky, and Nathan is SUCH a ham! Alan kept saying "take a card, it has our images on it." Just download, watch, and enjoy. "If you like eating horseshit!"

If you want to use any of the photos PLEASE LET ME KNOW BEFOREHAND. Also, I would rather people link friends to THIS post for the audio and video rather than re-post it yourself, please and thank you!
Tags: alan tudyk, dragoncon 2008, firefly, jewel staite, morena baccarin, nathan fillion, picspam, serenity

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