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Torchwood Panel, DragonCon 2008 - Saturday Audio, Photos, Video

Here is the (mostly) complete audio for the Saturday Torchwood panel with Gareth David-Lloyd, James Marsters, and Anthony Lewis. I accidentally missed a bit at the very beginning of the panel since I was using a new recorder and this is the first time I've actually used it. Part 1A is a separate file, not part of 1B or Part 2.

PART 1A [41 MB]
PART 1B [300 MB]
PART 2 [215 MB]
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Direct Links to Video:

Highlights from Saturday's panel:
- Gareth and James talked about making out with John and it's less glamourous actually filming than what we see. James said "I am not a porn star." And Gareth said "Unlike James, I *am* a porn star..."
- James thinks they are nicer in England as far as casting directors, etc. And Gareth thinks the opposite.
- James right now has no info about coming back to the show, but he loved it and would go back whenever they wanted him.
- Anthony is in a film called "Boy A" and it sound interesting...should be getting a wider release soon.
- They talked about what attracts them in a script. For James it was reading it and being entertained. For Gareth he "looks for loads of lines" Hee! Joking, and then looks at the story. Anthony agreed with James.
- James talked about how when Capt. John was surrendering up his weapons, Capt John is supposed to pull a gun from...the same area Capt. Jack did in the end of Doctor Who series 1...a bit that got cut. And Gareth says "Let's talk about John's ideas, shall we?" John suggested that Ianto should feed Jack the pizza in "Meat" and that scene that got cut from "Meat" - ALL John's idea! But the producers thought they were Gareth's ideas! :P
- Someone brought up the "Captain Sandwich, toasted" thing from the Rift. And Gareth didn't rule it out! Heh
- They talked bout homosexuality on the show. James loves that he's doing something that is subversive and loves it, and Gareth likes that the relationships aren't an issue and it's accepted.
- Gareth kinda insulted his hometown, but James said he loved visiting. And so Gareth says, "So, I'm sorry for insulting my hometown, but James Marsters, Spike from BtVS, fuckin' loves it!"
- Gareth rapped a bit! It was hilarious! "All I want is proper cup of coffee" haha
- James knocked his front tooth out when filming a scene in KKBB when he was handcuffed to Eve, and fell foward onto the sidewalk. And once, he sliced open his thigh and didn't tell anyone, and when he came in the next day and it was still bleeding, he told John. And John called in a doctor and kept it hush hush from the crew.

If you want to use any of the photos PLEASE LET ME KNOW BEFOREHAND. Also, I would rather people link friends to THIS post for the audio and video rather than re-post it yourself, please and thank you!
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