Rachel (_sin_attract) wrote,

A quick Sinister Attraction update...

OK, so....Sinister Attraction is running now. However! I think there is a virus on it again! GRRRRRRR

So, this weekend I am going to take the entire site down and delete all the pages, give them a virus sweep, and then re-upload them back onto the site. If that doesn't work, I don't know what to do anymore. If that does work, I am going to try and complete what stories I can finish up on the site. I think I have the places where I can find most of them thanks to cordykitten.

And while the files for Poetic Attraction are uploaded, the main page is not...so I will try to whip up something (hopefully the original layout page) so you all can navigate through the Wuffy goodness.

We'll see. But I feel horrible for not doing a better job keeping this site online. It has a bunch of stories that are probably very hard to find, so my goal is to keep it up as long as I possibly can.

I kinda miss the good ol' Spuffy days
Tags: poetic attraction, sinister attraction
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