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Sunday @ AsylumCon!

Here is Sunday!

We woke up early - again! and went downstairs to get in line for the panels and THEN got breakfast. We had 2nd row seats for the entire con pretty much, they were great! AND they let us actually keep our seats, unlike last Sunday in 07.

The first panel was AJ’s...he did 1/2 by himself and then the 2nd half with AJ.


AJ joked about gay love saving the say and that he’d be gay for Corbett...haha, Ed, I mean. He talked about CSI and all the ridiculous words he has to say on the show. And how much he loved working on SPN. And he was born in Dublin and then moved to Canada and then the US, which I didn't know. But I really appreciated that he even showed up and was so cool the entire weekend.

One of the COOLEST things they were talking about was doing some full web-isodes of Ghostfacers with Ed and Harry! They were talking to Kripke about it being next fall season type of things. That would be SO awesome!

And really? We could have a Ghostfacers con and I would listen to AJ and Travis ALL weekend long!

An then Travis came out - HIJINKS ensue! They have such this amazing comedic chemistry together - reminds me of Jared and Jensen, but even funnier! I mean, they had NEVER met before working on Hell House together, and the entire weekend they just slip into that Ed and Harry banter so easily!

They did a slow-mo walk for us and their scared-in-the-salt-circle imitation, and they were fighting over Travis kissing his sister. “My best friend and my best sister.” And more ninja fighting moves. They were in total Ed ‘n Harry mode and it was absolutely fantastic.

Lauren’s panel was second. She is such a delightful person. She loves period drama - Jane Austen and the BBC Pride and Prejudice especially. She got to work with Heath Ledger in Casanova. She did miss England while in the US, and talked about staying in the UK and doing some theater, something else she has also missed. She was very polite and super cute in her spring dress and jeans! And she joked about Bela having a bunker and if zombies attacked, she would take 5 people with her.

I’ve just always had a better feel for Lauren, and am so glad to see that she’s such a wonderful person. Once again - this is just another case of SPN introducing a female character HORRIBLY, the actress getting a bad role where she can’t do anything (she told one of my friends how she hated feeling all that makeup on her face in her earlier episodes), and then when the fans hate her - BECAUSE of how she was introduced and used - they write her out rather than try to FIX her.

Oh show.

Katie was third. She spoke about how she first got the role - she actually read for Bela and then was given an hour to prepare for Ruby. She JUST got a role in a Chris Carter movie and wants to do action movies. She talked about working with JDM in “Live” and how great and easy going he was to work with. She mentioned something that makes me think she’s gonna be in fourth season, so I dunno. That the film she is working on is filming “over hiatus” so that makes me think she will be sticking around.

Um, Katie? I dunno. I feel like every other sentence had the word “bad ass” or “kick ass” or some other dirty word.

I am a Lauren girl and I will leave it at that.

Then we had a break for lunch and went to the “food court.”

Here's a good time to have another serious paragraph. So...I think it is a GOOD THING that neither Jared or Jensen were here this year. Things were SO MUCH calmer. We got great seats, we got a high number of the lower billed actors, and things - while slightly rushed just b/c of the number of tickets sold - were NOT go-go-GO! like they were last year, and really like any other Con with the boys. So, I'm kinda glad that we didn't have either of the guys...because if they were a bit behind on Saturday, imagine what it would have been like if Jared or Jensen had been there. They were actually able to get caught up and got though 1100+ autographs, which I don't think could have happened with Jared there. So. There!


Next was Jim’s solo panel. I LOVE HIM. He continued to joke about Bobby getting a girlfriend or getting to be in a hot tub with a bunch of lesbians. Dirty man! :P And how he just got a hat and it’s totally become a “thing.” And that he mostly gets to read Latin but had to say some by memory and he was making things up. And he spoke in German to one of the girls. He also joked about how if Bela and Ruby got in a fight, he’d get involved, but NOT to break it up, HAHA oh Jim!

AND he wore a shirt that said "I read Bobby/You" HAHA! He was all "So...a fan gave me a shirt at EyeCon...I still don't know what it says, but...I have a new one now..." and unbuttons his shirt to show the new one. I think he's gonna have a shirt at EVERY con he attends! (Oh wait, that was Saturday...OK, so on Saturday, he had that shirt on!)

After his was Sterling’s panel! Oh man, so so great! He seemed much more relaxed today as well. He said he “just wants to win ONE fight against the boys.” He talked about filming SPN vs. filming Army Wives, and how he’s trying to get out and publicize himself more. He went to Stanford, where he met his wife, who is also an actress who was on Boston Public. They are SO SO adorable together! Sterling gets all smiley and giggly and squirming about her. He was all “I call her Bird, because she’s got wittle hands, and her wittle neck, and isn’t she just so pwetty?” She got on stage and they had their very Oprah-like question session :P

So, right after that I ran out to get a photo with him. I thanked him for coming b/c he was one of the guests I was most looking forward to meeting. He didn’t disappoint and it’s so great to see him.

I also got my autograph from AJ, and Travis was sitting beside him. They were having Sharpie wars, drawing all over each other’s arms. They have flaily arms for each other, faces and and draw all over each other. Oh man, the RPS is gonna go flying through the roof!

The final panel was Sam and Chad. Somehow, they found a mullet wig for Chad and I swear, the INSTANT he put it on, he became Ash! It was hilarious! His swagger and hair toss was dead on. It was hilarious! They spoke about other projects, what they would like to work on, and other stuff. They brought up mini-Sam and Dean (the same two from last year) and said that they could play Sam and Dean the next generation when “Jared and Jensen are all old….but still HOT” said Chad.

Also, I missed it, so maybe someone who was there can confirm/deny/fill me in about it. Apparently on her Saturday panel, Sam spoke about the girls basically replacing her? Y/N?

^^ Chad doing the blue steel around

^^ Sam doing the blue steel around!

And then they brought everyone out for the final closing ceremony. Sam and Chad, Jim and Sterling, Katie and Lauren, Steve and Jason, and then Travis and AJ. And MAN, Travis and AJ just brought down the house! They were doing mike swaps for “check, check, check” and they were making everyone crack up.

HAHA Sterling was making all these great hand gestures. And the guy in the black suit is Wayne, the organizer for Asylum.

After the entire con was over, the 9 of us went to the airport to get dinner...walking through the mosquito infested swamp. HAHA. Man, it was awful!

And then we came back to hang out and relax!

Apparently Jim was just hanging around afterwards giving hugs, taking photos, and giving autos. See? Wonderful guy!

So that was a somewhat pretty detailed con report. Picspam and video-spam to follow!

And now I'm in Glasgow. It's SO weird...it didn't get DARK out until after 9:30 or something! The room is nice, small and just right for me, and quiet and is across the street from this beautiful botanic garden and park. I sat in the sunshine this afternoon just relaxing and thinking "wow, I'm in Scotland." And the boys here are cute and have the most ridiculously amazing I-will-listen-to-you-read-the-dictionary-and-be-happy accents I've ever heard!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Glasgow Art Gallery and then SHOPPING! And to a Borders in hopes of finding the Torchwood books, since I just got an e-mail today saying that the books have been pushed back to a JULY 18 US release date.

I hope my flist is doing well! I haven't been on the internet for 4 days! *shock*

Now I'm off to watch Doctor Who and hope that Moonlight will finish downloading in the next few minutes! I gotta get caught up with my shows!
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