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Yeah, so...I know Sinister Attraction is down.

And um...I don't know if it's worth it to get it back online TBH. There are still viruses, there are other issues, and I don't know how to fix it.

So, after working out some details, charly2004 and I are going to The Hub! AND we're going the Thursday before the con to see David Tennant in Love's Labors Lost (which is a Shakespeare play I know absolutely nothing about...other than that it was used in a S3 DW episode). O.M.F.G! Torchwood actors - JOHN! - AND David Tennant on stage?!

It's going to be THE MOST incredible weekend of 2008!

Whew! Just made it home at 8:57 after dinner and shopping with Mom!

And YAY season 2 clips in the flashback! YAY!

She's totally dead, calling him. The phone's gonna start ringing again....it always rings after it gets disconnected.

But that doesn't mean you shoot yourself!

Dean eating!


"our favorite boybands" HEE!

Oh boys! Don't fight when you have less than two months! :(

hahaha "capital offense" and Sam gives him that LOOK.

Yep, totally dead.

Hmm, that was a bit odd...with the bug flying around...

HAHAHA Hand in the pants!

"Sure. Why don't I just rearrange my whole life first" haha, that got an LOL from me!

It's weird seeing them in suits...NICE, but weird.


"Like Oprah!"

oh Dean, he's got that "OMG I'm lost" face that breaks my heart. Oh Dean!

haha, the quoty fingers. I was thinking that too Dean!

awwww Dean, waiting for a call.

hmmmm. OH DAMN. I don't know...is it really him?! It can't be if it's making people kill themselves. If the demon is THERE, then he would kill it if it's really Papa Winchester.

Nope, something evil.

Oh Dean...desperate that it's Dad trying to help.

Oh boys, you're breaking my heart fighting :( I believe Sam...there IS no concrete proof.

Oh gosh, this is bad. Yep, definitely not her mom...and that means that isn't Papa Winchester. :(

"A sandwich?"

This episode is...odd...

HAHA "this is Herman Munster, leave a message"


Ooooooh, setting Dean up, I believe. He's at that guy's house.

This is gonna be kinda embarrassing when Dean realizes he isn't a demon!

Damn Dean!

"I see they've improved your face"

"Do you want a poem?"
"Moment's gone"

So. I'm gonna say it outright. I wasn't really feeling tonight's episode. I mean, I was browsing the flist while the episode was airing, which I NEVER do.

OK, we all know that LAST week's was the episode that was mostly written before the strike and the thing they had mostly written and ready to air, so that's why they kept it and had that first.

THIS week...THIS is the week that I felt like they wasted an episode. Was there really a point in this episode?

Oh god, I can't believe I'm saying this about our show.

But I was expecting just...MORE, and it didn't deliver tonight.

And it looks like next week isn't even continuing EITHER plot we have established...Dean's deal, Lilith, or really what's up with Bela and the colt even....which, I thought they were getting to before this season was up?

Who wrote tonight's episode? What went wrong?

OK! Well...I'm going to start organizing things for finals and my trip, so I don't know how much I will be around on LJ other than the comm...Finals start on Monday and I have to have some major study time this weekend.
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