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EyeCon #2

OK, so a week after the con, I'm sitting down to write up Sunday and Monday in Orlando...better late than never, right? :P I'm sure everyone has read what happened, so I'm mostly doing this for my own sake to have it in my LJ for remembrance.

And after this, I'm picspamming like mad! (And I'm still uploading video from panels)

Sunday was Jared day! Jared all the time, nonstop, go-go-go! Although really, it was all done very well and I was a bit surprised at the relaxed feel of the photo ops...I actually got to talk to him! The only thing that really got rushed was the autographs, which...y'know, he had hundreds to sign in like 2 hours, give the guy a break!








These are my 7 videos of Jared's panel. I'd say that I got about 85% of his panel just about, so there is a good chance that your question (if you asked one) is on film here!

I've posted a lot about what Jared said already, so I don't need to repeat it. But I will say that the guy is just INCREDIBLE! He's easy to talk to, clearly loves to joke around, and can really control the room well, y'know? Things that were pointless (like the people who take 7 minutes to ramble on and on with some stupid statement), Jared knows just what to say.

And OMG HOW CUTE was Sandy? She came over to our end of our row and just curled up on the floor watching him the entire time with this smile on her face! SO ADORABLE! We were all pointing to her when Jared was saying something about her. They're like so perfect for each other.

After Jared's panel we had photo ops...first with just Jared, and then with Jim and Jared for the "Hunters" photo op.

I thought the photo ops were handled SO well. While one line was moving, the next group was lining up. I thought it went very smoothly.

Um...and I won't comment about Froggy, other than to say that I think I was right to have some reservations against him due to previous experience. I mean, my photos turned out great, but...y'know...

Anyway! The photo ops went by quickly. I got to be in on shannenb's photo op with Jared b/c she bought 2 back when it was originally Jared on both days. We were all up on that shit! And her Hunters photo is MADE of WIN! :P

So...let's see. The autographs started at like 1:30sish, right? That was done by row and was fine...I think that certain other thing were holding up the line (right Shannen?) I think it's good that the plat people got him first b/c we got things personalized and had a bit more time with him than the gen admin people did, I'm sure. Jared signed my poster that I won at CreationCon (I just have Jensen's auto to go!) and signed "Kiss my Butt" on my EyeCon poster!

And after that...I wasn't too sure what to do.

I really feel like if at ALL possible next year to have some type of closing ceremony. I know that it might not be possible for all the actors to appear, but for those who are still hanging around the hotel at, like, 4:00, bring them out one final time for a "goodbye" of sorts...since we had a meet and greet to start it, have a "goodbye" ceremony to end it. I really felt like it was a nonclosure ending to the con (not a word, I know, but I'm using it) because it just didn't feel OVER. So...I mentioned it to Kenny at the con, so we will see what happens in September!

After that, Erin, Shannen, and I ordered Chinese (it's tradition now! Eat the damm crab ragoons next time Shannen!) and hung out and had important debates while eating :P Michele got plastered and slightly freaked me out ;)

So, after that we headed downstairs to see who was still lounging about...desperate to make the con go on for as long as we possibly could!

My girls were downstairs and Sam, Chad, Jim, and Steve were all wandering around as well! We all kinda hung around and got to hang out with them. And baileytc? Sorry about the whole "go get the camera!" thing...I totally should have gone to get it myself, it was my camera to begin with. *hangs head in shame* (And I think I'll be sending you a check soon? We'll see what's going on...)

But Jim Beaver is a class A guy...wonderful, fun to talk to, and just so genuinely awesome. I think he might be shocked again at Asylum :P Crazy guy!

And Sam's voice was practically gone by then! :P Such a great lady!

Oh, and that's when I got to talk to Larry about cons and the whole Creation vs. EyeCon war that's going on. HAHA Apparently they call Creation the "C" word...haha. But I think that EyeCon will (and deserves to) Give Creation a run for their money when it comes to SPN cons...because EyeCon gave us 1 on 1 time and exposure to the actors that I just don't see Creation doing. I mean, by now most SPN friends on my flist have been to a CreationCon and EyeCon...which one would you take? I'd take EyeCon even if that means only getting 1 J at a time...because it's getting to hang out with the other actors that's what made this con so memorable and rank highly on my list of favorite cons ever.

OK, so...Monday!

Erin and I went to Universal on Monday! That was SO COOL!

I've never been to Disney for fun (went in 7th grade as a middle school field trip but it was all educational stuff), so it was fun to be a tourist. My favorite ride was the Mummy ride! SO MUCH FUN! And the Terminator 3D was pretty cool, as was the MIB ride. Shooting aliens was fun!

After that we headed out to The Social to see Steve perform that night.

Met up with ames1010, augustfading, and shannenb for drinks and dinner, and then headed over to the club.

So...this AMAZINGLY cute boy band that sounds like Teddy Geiger and a happier Dashboard Confessional opened first. D'Agnese...go look them up on My Space and check out the guns. HAHA SHANNEN!

And then was Steve! He pretty much did the same songs from the set the other night, but it was still fun.

There was this REALLY REALLY ANNOYING CHICK who would NOT stop screaming during Steve's set! And it was like...not even at appropriate times to be screaming THAT loudly! I yelled at her to "SHUT UP!" but she was clearly too busy yelling to hear me. :P But she was SO RUDE. I don't know how Steve ignored it the entire time.

Oh! And after Steve left I stole his setlist! Because Amy wrote it! :P HAHA I went down and was all "OMG I THINK IT'S YOURS" in dramatic gestures to Amy. :P

Next up was Chase...? Who makes odd facial expressions and jaw clenching while singing.

And then was Tony Lucca, who I did enjoy.

AND OMG THERE WAS THIS WOMAN! HAHAHA Like really? Listening and watching her all night was worth the $10 admission alone!

shannenb wrote it all up the best: http://shannenb.livejournal.com/1111158.html

But she was just...all over Chase and like pressing her boobs into him, and then sitting on the edge of the stage during Tony's set, looking up and like, under...like she had bifocals on to see Tony. And she would just yell out these incredible inappropriate things! Like "Play that shit!" and "HOT DAMN SHIT!" which she SCREAMED out after Tony did this great rift on his guitar...like, it was dead silence and then she just yells that out! HAHA

OMG SO FUNNY! And then she kept shouting "PLAY SATISFIED! Don't be bitter! My friend NEEDS it!" And apparently because he didn't play it, she and her friend (and WTF was up with her dancing?!) stormed out of the club - but not before taking some photos, of course - like 2 songs before the show was over.

So yes. AMAZING ending to a con...seriously, we couldn't have planned that ANY better!

So...a week later and I'm caught up on school work and am ready for my May adventure. But I miss all my friends and miss them being just down the hall from me. :( I miss seeing people who have become both fandom and real life friends and know that I can say anything and they'll get it! I don't have friends here in Richmond who know about SPN and fandom and I can't be quite as bitchy as I can be when I'm with Shannen, Amy, and the girls...so....

SEPTEMBER. GET HERE SOON. DragonCon (ITANTO FTW!) and then EyeCon Part Deux

OK, so get ready for picspam and master video post!
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