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Friday Con Report!

My big damn EyeCon report!

OK, so there is a lot that I want to write up and recap for you all. Some things I've already posted, but I just want to go into more depth.

You know the drill...please do not take and use any of these images as your own. Same goes with video...it's mine, and I would rather have people link to my LJ. Just don't claim anything as yours please.

Oh, and let me say this as well. Me talking about a con in Sept and a cruise in 2009 is just unconfirmed stuff from what Kenny, Larry, and I talked about. Larry thinks that a 2009 cruise is a go, but even if it is, I'm sure that Kenny is going to focus on Sept for now and them the cruise con after that. Kenny told me that he's looking to get Jensen at the Sept con...that his whole goal was to get Jared now and Jensen next to keep the price down for us and to keep it more relaxed - which is TOTALLY was. What we experienced this weekend would NEVER happen at a CreationCon. Jim, Sam, Chad, and Gabe were just wandering around the floor, you'd turn around and there they are! So just keep going to their website for more official info, not unofficial info from a fellow fangirl! ;)

I woke up bright and early and went to airport where I met up with sophie_448 and her friend and boarded OUR SMALL ASS PLANE (like, I had to stoop down so my head wouldn't touch the ceiling). Our flight landed around 10 and I met up with shannenb at the airport, whose flight landed at the same time.

From there, baileytc picked us up at the airport in her fuel efficient car. We drove to the hotel. checked in, learned that a few of the stars were already @ the hotel, and then headed to Downtown Disney!

I've never really been to Disney World, so it was pretty cool getting to see the area. We ate lunch at HOB. (Not like you guys care, you're just here for the con stuff!)

So...we got back to the hotel in preparation of registration. I had an easy time registering, but I know that Shannen (I'm not going to keep using LJ names...I'm too lazy!) didn't have as easy a time. I think they quickly learned that they needed two lines to handle people registering and then people buying extra tickets, because it got all crowded at the front of the line. But things went smoothly at first and were a lot better by Saturday morning.

I met up with isisfrog, ames1010, augustfading, jenniebellie, and abydosww MY GIRLS (I MISS YOU!) and we all watched Chad checking in. Hee! So cute!

So...after were registered we all hung around the mezannine level - the SPN floor! - and I got to talk to SO many people! wander_lust_79, druidess, jangleyjewels, affectiingly, strippedpink, and SO MANY more I can't even remember! (And by the by, if you met me and aren't already on my flist, we should fix that)

Me and baileytc

+ isisfrog

+ shannenb

The "Meet and Greet" got pushed back about half an hour while everyone was still getting registered. Yeah, Friday was the only really unorganized day...but cut them a break b/c there was SO much going on!

We did have the meet and greet and they all came out and GABE had the most adorable OMGWTFBBQ expression when he came out from behind the screen...just SHOCK that so many people were cheering for him. And Jim just had this "OMG what the hell am I doing here?" type of bemused expression HAHA. AND he said "Hello y'idgiuts!"

Alona and Steve weren't here yet, so it was just Jim, Sam, Chad, Sandy, and Gabe. Dizzy made fun of Gabe and started yelling "CON VIRGIN!"

And let me say that Dizzy was a great emcee. He was funny without being lame, talkative, but not annoying. He knew right what to say and keep us amused while they were setting things up and moving things about. Kudos to him for being such a great presence!

Anyway, they all said welcome and their thanks, and then we got to watch Ten Inch Hero.

OK, so here we go discussing TIH.
(Skipping a few spaces in case people don't want to read what I have to say)

There were parts of the movie that were very strong. Then there were parts that were incredibly weak and contrived. And there was one too many storylines. Trucker did not need his own storyline IMO. Someone needed to be written out of the movie, because you can't have 8 people and get them all paired and with their happily ever afters in less than 2 hours. And the ending made me want to gag and slit my wrists b/c it basically makes the main message of the movie meaningless. Hell, it makes the entire thing completely pointless. It's so sickeningly sweet and contrived and just NOT reality, which I know can be said about every romantic comedy, but this is just EXTREME. RIDING NAKED ON A HORSE? AND the whole POINT of the movie is to not change your looks just b/c you think people will like you better, and then what does Priestly do?! CHANGE FOR A GIRL.

The director and producer said that they had the sex scene for Daneel's character to "make the movie REAL." But I'm sorry, we knew she was a slut just from how she acted with men, the sex scene was gratuitous and not necessary. And the fight scene behind the restaurant was just out of an action movie, just not very plausible.

Having said this, everyone is going to think I hate it...not true. I really did enjoy Paige's plot line, and Jensen does really shine in this movie. His facial expressions are just ON and his t-shirts are hilarious. And he does have some great one-liners. There is some great character interaction and some of the scenes are witty and well done. I just really think they needed to go back and edit the script. The director said that the script is 95% the way it was originally written - and I honestly think that is one of the major problems with the overall movie.

They said they have some offers for DVD release (international only I remember hearing him mention?) and have been talking to the CW for a movie broadcast. Honestly, that's what they need to do. Air it on TV and get it out onto DVD. Its been traveling around to film fests for 2 years - eventually there will be NO interest in it. Get it on the CW while Jensen is still there and girls want to see it.

The director and producer. Honestly, I couldn't tell you which is which... :P

So...after the movie, there was a Q and A session with the director and producer. Then we had the cocktail party, which I didn't go to. Erin and I went out to get food (breakfast at Denny's) and then came back to crash for the night.

So...bring on Saturday!

OK, so I'll start working on Saturday!

Probably since there are SO many photos for Saturday, I'm going to write up a con report in one post and then just have a HUGE picspam in the post directly following the write up. Does that work for everyone?
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