February 29th, 2008

and Me, Nathan, Alan

Sinister Attraction! Spuffy = 1st OTP

OK, so much for staying off LJ for the weekend! I have spent 4+ hours studying, so I am taking a break to post that Sinister Attraction is FINALLY virus free and is in fully working order!

I have a super-old layout up right now...But all 1700+ stories are up! I'm still incredibly proud of this site - I learned SO much about web design, fandom, writing, archiving, artwork, you name it. The site is one of the oldest Spuffy sites in existence with stories that are no doubt becoming increasingly harder to find. So go. Read. Savor the wonderfulness of Spuffy classic stories.

Over Spring Break I will add the browse by season and status options back to the archive page...and probably clean up all the dead links and unnecessary forms. However, I am not removing stories from the site - I don't want to get 100 e-mails asking me to take down this or that. Unless the author has turned the story into an original work of fiction in e-book/published form that legally requires any other versions deleted, the archive is remaining AS IS. Sorry, I know that might tick some authors off, but that's how I'm doing this...because it's been over 2 years since I last updated and wasn't even planning on doing as much as I am...so I'm not removing them now.

Finally, (and I'm actually gonna copy what BSD is currently doing,) my last update will be to add any remaining chapters from unfinished stories in the archive. Below the cut is a list of all of the unfinished stories in the archive. If any of these stories are yours, or you know that they are finished and where I can find them, any information you have would be extremely helpful. I'd love to get as many of these stories in their completed (or as close to completion as possible) version up on the site before I really do close the door on SA. Some I know have been unfinished since before I stopped updating SA, some I know where I can possibly find...but I'd appreciate any help!

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SA will remain up for as many years as possible. I truly believe in not letting this site disappear into cyberspace like so many other amazing Spuffy sites have.