November 12th, 2007

and Me, Nathan, Alan

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I'm back home in Virginia! It's always a bit sad the day after a con when everyone has to leave and say goodbye.

I hope everyone on my flist made it back home safely!

I'm off to unpack and get some food and then will start with the con recaps!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Here's the motherload of CreationCon Video from Sunday!

OK! So...for those of you who have asked me how to save these vids or maybe they won't play for you, here is what you can do! Go to, use the permanent link for the video, and make sure you choose DailyMotion, and then save as a .flv file. Download the free FLV player and it will work!

Jensen's Panel:

Discussing filming emotional scenes and how he deals with it...I stopped and then it picks up right off with the 2nd part:

Collapse )

Jared's Panel:

Jared acting like Jensen all serious faced and then "snots outta his nose on himself," his favorite love interest.

Collapse )

Jared and Jensen:

Favorite episodes, getting sidetracked and making faces, their Texas twang!, Blue Steel, bad ass Sam developing, greatest fear, not pranking Fred, pranking Jim with his toes,

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Again, this took FOREVER to do, so if you can please send people this way, or at least keep my name with the videos, I'd really, really appreciate it!