October 26th, 2006

and Me, Nathan, Alan

Fangoria Con! I wanna go!

Thanks for everyone replying to my last post. It's not crazy!bad yet, so we're just going to take things easy and Mom will let me know whatever doctors tell her.

So, um...for a fandom related post...

I really, really, really want to go to the Con in Chicago, Fangoria, to stalk meet Jared AND Chris Kane! OMFG. OMG!

Does anyone know anything about this con? Positive reactions? Negative? Is it well run? Is it worth it? (Um...that answer is probably a yes). Are there any other SPN chicks that are planning on going to this? It's in February so I actually think I could pull it off because I could ask for help from my folks for Christmas gifts. The hotel isn't that bad, I'd just be flying and that's ehhh in February. But I still want to go!

Anyone else planning a trip there?