April 2nd, 2006

and Me, Nathan, Alan

Sinful Desire - A Sam/Dean 'Shipper site

impertinence and I have a first class ticket to the Special Hell because we've been working on a Sam/Dean site for the past couple of weeks and it's finally open!!

So maybe my Spuffy friends won't get the hotness that is Wincest, but my Supernatural ones will (well, y'know...some). :P We're having fun finding stories, artwork, and other things for this site. impertinence has been a HUGE help e-mailing people for stories/art/etc. and with ideas! She gets a gold star for all of her lists and big help!

Here's what you need to know:
(Shh, yes I know it's similar to Sinister Attraction but this is smarter b/c it's an "S" for Sam and "D" for Dean!)

It's pretty small right now, but I plan to change that very soon.

There is a S/D fic rec'd site, a S/D fanfiction archive site, and a S/D fanart site, but I'm pretty sure this is the first all-encompassing 'shipper site (please correct me if I'm wrong in my thinking this!) and our goal is to make it the best of the best! So, to all my SPN friends, please spread the word! Even if you don't like Wincest, if you have LJ friends who do, please let them know! We're accepting anything Wincest and Jsquared RPS related - fiction, artwork, ideas...you name it, we want it here!