March 9th, 2006

and Me, Nathan, Alan

For my SPN friends: A Jensen Ackles Picspam!

Oh, this SO calls for an OMG-what-was-he-thinking-when-he-took-this-role-picspam! (My first picspam ever!)

I don't know where I got the clips from, but since my midterms are FINALLY over, I spent some time cleaning out my TV shows folder and catching up on things I have downloaded. I got to my Supernatural folder and watched four clips from "Blonde," which is aparently a really bad TV bio of Marilyn Monroe. I don't remember ever hearing about it, but the actress playing Marilyn has Jensen Ackles AND Patrick Dempsey crawling all over her in the same scene. Dean AND McDreamy? GUH!

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OMG - SO adorkable!