Rachel (_sin_attract) wrote,

So....EyeCon was pretty much the most amazing thing EVER!

Last night I was hanging out with my girls, shannenb, baileytc, abydosww, augustfading, jenniebellie, ames1010, and phouka_h, and we got to talk with Jim Beaver, who just came down to hang out for a while! He's a truly incredible guy, very awed and giddy over this whole thing called "convention" ;)

But yeah, I asked him about Asylum, and he said he's just waiting for stuff to be finalized...so I think that it's gonna work. He actually prefers May since he doesn't know if he will be filming in October and wants to stay another 2 weeks for vacation.

I got to stand and listen to Sam Ferris for a bit (who has probably completely lost her voice by now!) and Chad was walking around for a bit as well.

It was just VERY cool that the actors would just wander around and you can easily approach them, say hi, and get a conversation started. They aren't "OMG OMG ACTORZ!" here, they're just people having as just as good a time as you are, and that's very cool. VERY well done.

So yes. Praise and thanks go out to the EyeCon organizers, especially Kenny, who is adorable and great, and probably a lot less stressed now! (More later on how meeting Kenny, Voni, and Larry the soundbox guy was just incredibly funny to me!) He really cares about letting you have your time with the actors and not being herded like cattle. I do know that the autograph line for Jared started getting rushed, but y'know... we all knew that was going to be the challenge of the day, getting autos done before his plane left (which apparently was REALLY delayed due to the weather and he sat on the plane for a few hours)

Jared signed my poster "kiss my butt" and I LOVE my photo with him! I can't wait to scan it in! :P AND! I got him to sign the Banner of Doom from CreationCon.

baileytc and I are going to Universal today and then a bunch of us are going to Steve's concert tonight!

SO SO MUCH to write up about when I get back home...things I want to go into more detail on, so expect that Wednesday/Thursday!

(Bobby approves of this post)
Tags: eyecon 2008

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