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Jared's Panel!

Got my photo with Jared! I requested a hug and got one! Jared's great!

His panel was hilarious!

He did the Bad Day "lost my shoe" face, he got presents, he talked about working with Peter O'Toole (who was his fanboy moment), he would like to do Lawrence of Arabia as a remake with Johnny Depp as his costar, Friday the 13 is going to be "retelling" not a remake...Jared called it a "mid-quel" rather than a "sequel". He likes the episodes where he and Dean get to fight each other, especially "Skin." He calls Jensen "ugly" HAHA b/c everyone else calls him pretty. A lot of people call him "stretch." His prank on Jensen is sewing his pants legs together and then he hears Jensen yell "JARED! DAMMIT!" from his trailer! But they work together mostly on pranks, especially vs. Kim.

Jensen gave him a Tony Romo jersey for Christmas...a kid asked him about his favorite player on Dallas team. He spoke about his dogs and supports animal rescue charities. He spoke that SPN has a great community and camaraderie (which is also what he missed most about the show while the strike was going on) and the fans are so supportive.

And some girl asked him about fanfiction and Wincest...um. NO. OK, so let me say it right here. He says that he is "supportive" of the creativity of the fans and how we are a community who creates things outside the show (comparing it to Grey's Anatomy, that is a fandom whose fans aren't as passionate about creativity past just watching the show) NOT THAT HE IS SUPPORTIVE OF WINCEST. Because I can see this getting convoluted within the hour.

If he had a day with no consequences, he would eat steak all day. And he thinks that Sam's special powers are dormant in his "belly" haha and thinks that it will come out again one day.

And Sandy was so cute! She came over and sat down leaning against the wall where we were sitting!

HAHA Jared blames Jensen ("since he's not here") for any mess ups in "Mystery Spot" in the diner scene where they're talking together with the whole "Sam Winchester wears makeup" saying that Jensen would leave out a word, and then the next take Jared would leave out the same word, but then Jensen would put it back in. But they went over it a LOT so Jared could get down how Jensen would phrase everything.

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