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Sunday Picspam and SQUEEEE!

I have the con crud from hell! I was feeling pretty icky on Sunday, but it's been worse since I've gotten back home. Clearly, the more fun you have a con, the worse the con crud that follows will be. :P

Anyway! Here is my write up for Sunday's amazing events! Mostly, it's just a picspam of all the good images I have of the boys! As you can see from previous posts, I spent most of the time recording, but I still wanted some photos.

So, I left off saying that we pulled an all nighter Saturday night because it just wasn't worth going to sleep.

We got ready around 4:30, and headed down around 5:40ish or something. Yep, there was already a line...apparently, some camped out all night to get the best seats in the place. I got to hang and relax, and thought my seat was just fine.

Anyway, they let us in and we had breakfast...a buffet style of stuff, but I was both too tired and too nervous to eat very much. And they had a silent auction going on. There were 2 3x01 scripts signed by Jared and Jensen that went for a LOT I think. And some other signed things. Around 7:30, Mark Lutz came out and talked a bit and then started heading around the tables. However, that didn't last long because THE BOYS came out, and as you all know, were awesome!

Just...their entire interaction and how they are aware of each other, is incredible. They're totally looking out for each other, and just know how to act around each other. Jensen being all dry sarcasm and Jared with his enthusiasm and loud, laid back attitude, just work together. Jared's opening story of reaching out to Jensen's face, and then rubbing his forehead all over Jensen while Jensen just stands there with this "yep, I'm just used to it by now" expression, was wonderful. And Jared just slowly leaning over until he hugs the guy...OMG it's just adorable!

People can say it better than I can, but that 30 minute breakfast that they had with us was worth the ENTIRE weekend and all the money I shelled out to go. Seriously, it was like an improptu panel, and to just see them act like we all know and love, was worth all my bitching about expenses.

And let me just take a moment to be a fangirl and go OMG COATS! BOYS IN NICE DRESSY PEA COATS! *happy sigh* I love a hot guy in a well fitted coat.

After the breakfast, we had the photo ops time...Jensen was first and then Jared was second. I was a bit annoyed how since all the gold members were in the breakfast, everyone else had time to get in line for the photos. I figure that we pay all that money for top things at the con, we should get to go through the photo ops line first. Y/N?

Anyway, the photo with Jensen was a bit..."OMG DO NOT TOUCH" unlike Asylum, which I thought was weird. And can the guy not stand for 40 minutes? (Like he did for Asylum) But JARED. Jared just reaches out and grabs you and pulls you in against him...and life is good. And he is TOTALLY not lying when he says he is a sweater. Mmmmm Jared!sweat on my arm...not a bad thing!

So, we had the panels...Jensen, then Jared, and then the two of them together.

You've already seen the vids and read reports from others about what they said, so I don't need to really repeat much.

BUT I will say that I was ticked when that woman was asking Jared that question "that Jensen's answer would have been better" and then proceeds to insult his acting and that Jensen had to come save the day and get him back in the scene. What shit was that? That woman = out of fandom.

Anyway, I loved both of their panels, but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE their interaction together! When you just hear that "This is a question from anonymous" from Jared off stage, we're all freaking out, and I'm just sitting there thinking, "OMG I'm sitting here experiencing this." HAHA, just...Jensen's expression when Jared is listing why Sam is better than Dean...he's so much more relaxed around Jared, you can tell!

Jared's panel was great b/c I feel like he'll just keep talking and talking! And Jensen coming out wearing the Sam shirt was classic! And I loved when Jared said he wanted a Dean shirt and Jensen said, "Oh, I can get you one. I autographed it for you." and Jared is pleased! :P

They were joking back and forth the entire time, helping each other out with questions, and so on.

I LOVED when they totally get off track answering a few questions and just go back and forth talking together. And the whole Texas twang conversation was great. And for some reason, I got a kick out of Jensen popping the top off his water bottle.

And I've already said it before, but the presentation from the green beret was THE MOST touching and amazing thing, and just...wow. I mean, that's a HUGE honor for both of them and you can see how they are just standing up there trying to keep it together, especially Jared. Who just keeps standing there staring at it. And Jensen gets us all laughing and back into con-mode. I can see the boys doing some tours over there in thanks and appreciation. But really, HOW can the CW ever cancel a show that is recommended from the US General of the US Army?! :P

Oh man, I'm just so...OMG did that really happen? about getting to watch them in person. Seriously, it was just the most incredible thing ever. It's like Paley, but that much better because you are THERE.

But yeah...if you want to see for yourself, I have the vids...and there are transcripts that are more exact than mine. I'm just squeeing about the boys and how amazing they are!

After the panels, we had the autographing time...which was NOT leisurely at ALL. The ordering of giving the thing you want signed to a person, who then slides to either Jared or Jensen, wasn't working at all. Things were making it to Jared before we got up to him, and it was just....quick.

AND DANNEEL WAS THERE. She was leaving RIGHT when I got up to the table. Jensen left to go into a service corridor, and then Danneel got up, leaned over to hug Jared goodbye (who said, "have a safe flight back...what, like a couple hours?"), and then she left out of the same corridor to say goodbye to Jensen, I'm sure. A girl behind me said, "OH, I loved you on One Tree Hill," and Danneel said thank you. So. Yeah. She was there. She didn't leave on Saturday.

After I got my autographs, I passed Sandy. And she is so short that I could look straight across and not see her, just b/c she's so TINY! But she was adorable and looked cute in her yellow top!

So...after that, we had the auction where I lost the major signed poster, but got another stage poster, that I will get signed from Jared and Jensen at future conventions.

Then we had Steve's panel, and it was great to hear him talk about his music, songs, inspiration, likes, and so on. At this point, I was INCREDIBLY tired! But when I went back up to the room, I couldn't sleep. So I uploaded video. Anyway, everything pretty much died down after that. The con was over and things were being taken down.

A few of us ordered Chinese and hung out for the rest of the night together. It's always a bit bittersweet when things are ending and you know that we have to leave and get back to the real world soon.

Monday morning, shannenb and I took a cab to the airport - which didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would - and went to our terminals to leave. And that pretty much brings me up to where I am now...back home, getting ready to fail a history test b/c I haven't read the book that it's on at all! :P

But still...I'm still so happy about meeting and SEEING both boys that I could care less about failing a test!

Tomorrow morning I get to register for classes! I've always scheduled my classes so I have Thursday evenings completely free...but I guess it's not going to matter this year, huh? *sobs*

I totally miss my group of fangirls. What's the next con we're going to? Let's all go to EyeCon!
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