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Saturday Part 2

The final guest for the day was Nick Brendon, who was great as always. I kept thinking there was some odd junk in the trunk going on...turns out it was a water bottle in his back pocket!

Anyway, he was great and kept making jokes and was joking about a "rumor that he had quit acting and become a mother." And he had to watch his language b/c of the 3 year old in the crowd, but he still let a lot of stuff slip! (He should have been saying "earmuffs!")

He opened by saying, "Hi, I'm Nicholas Brendon, from the show Supernatural..."

He talked about Criminal Minds and he's being set up as a love interest on the show...but with the strike, he doesn't know what's going to happen with his character.

He did the SNOOPY DANCE!

He talked a lot about working with Kelly, his twin, and filming "The Replacement" in season 5. Kelly was really only used as a body double, Nick still filmed everything twice. And he was also saying how Kelly was his stunt double, and on the first day of him filming, they had to call Nick and say that Kelly was on the way to the hospital and Nick had to beg them to un-fire Kelly.

He sang a couple lines from OMWF..."I'll Never Tell" and "some evil witches!" super quick.

His favorite Xander moments were things like his slow-mo walk from "The Pack," and getting to be Renfield in "Dracula vs. Buffy."

He only really keeps in touch with Alyson Hannigan (which doesn't surprise me), and was asked if he prefered Jared or Jensen more. He said something about the one who moisturizes more, which was Jared...There were all of the HUGE banners around the walls, so everyone would be looking at them.

Nick was also joking about how he was going to win the contest going on where you wrote the plot for a SPN movie. He said that he would be in it, along with Fred since he seemed cool, and Jared, or "the one who moisturizes."

I gotta say, watching Nick brought back even MORE nostalgia for Buffy! As if news about Joss and Eliza wasn't bad enough, having Nick talk about the show and how groundbreaking and iconic it is, makes me really want to sit down for a mini-marathon. Maybe over Thanksgiving!

Nick was just moving around SO much that it was impossible to get a clear shot of him where he wasn't in 3 places at once! I have some more video of him but I didn't upload the rest since I figured you all just want SPN-related stuff. Let me know.

I thought he was a great sport since he was kinda the odd man out since everyone else was from SPN.

After Nick's panel, the autographs were soon after that. Everyone was so incredibly nice. The line was incredibly backed up, but I think that's because Sam wanted to talk to EVERYONE! I know that while I was in line, I could tell it was just held back because she was chit chatting, which I thought was great. This woman is just awesome! She is left handed and we bonded over that!

Since the autograph signing was running late, Steve's concert started over an hour late. ames1010 was sneaking around the side trying to catch a glimpse of his sound check! :P

Steve's show was great! I only know a few of his songs, but I really enjoyed every minute of the show! His voice is fantastic and he is wonderful on the guitar!

Apparently Jensen and Jared and their girls were sitting in the back, which is understandable so the attention isn't on them while Steve is performing, but I felt bad for them that they had the WORST seats in the house when they should have the best.

After the concert, they kicked us out to set up the room for the desert party. When they let us in, we grabbed a couple of tables and they had ice cream, eclair-like things, and cookies. It was like a madhouse! I also finally got a chance to hang out with agt_spooky and charityflint, who I met back in Ft. Worth in June. It was great seeing them again!

Sam and Fred were the only two to come out...Nick had already hit the sack apparently. Which was understandable because it was already near midnight by this time, and they had been signing for almost 4 hours straight.

Anyway, they did a little jig on stage and then came around to all of the tables to chat for a few minutes. Fred was 1st at our table, and we joked around a bit and discussed the whole attending con craze. He was really funny!

As the night wore on and our table waited for Sam, I got a bit wasted. I had asked the bartender for a rum and coke and he filled the glass 3/4 rum and 1/4 coke, so I was gone by the middle of the 2nd one. So I was really, really loud and probably a bit inappropriate when Sam came by! BUT! She remembered my name and said it THE MINUTE she sat down! We had bonded over both being left handed when she signed my photo earlier in the evening. I thought that was awesome! (And I'm a bit surprised I remember that, actually)

HAHA this was so funny! daydreamer1984 and I are pretty drunk!

After we got to talk to Sam, we headed back to the room. It must have been near 2:00 by this time. I was drinking water bottle after water bottle to try and get un-drunk and look decent for Sunday's stuff with the boys. We all stayed up and talked ALL night long! isisfrog, shannenb, daydreamer1984 (until she left to also get un-drunk) and I stayed up, and that was a bunch of fun!

OK! That's it for Saturday's part of the con! I'll have an orderly post about Sunday tomorrow!

Oh! And I wanted to say thank you to everyone who bought a base set of S2 cards from me over the weekend! I came out there with 19, and I came back home with 3 sets, so thanks for supporting a fellow fan!
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