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Saturday Con Write Up! Picspam and Videospam! Part 1

OK, so I'm finally sitting down and going through my photos and gathering my thoughts about this weekend.

This is the write up on Saturday, which y'know, deserves some more talky talk because Sam, Fred, and Nick were all INCREDBLE guests, Steve's concert was fantastic, (I heard Mark was too, but I didn't go to his panels), and all were wonderful people to meet!

First off, I'm reposting my photos with the boys and Sam that are now scanned in, my autographs, and how I spent tonight redecorating my walls and moving things around!

And this my Super!Wall! AKA...how many SPN photos can I cram onto one wall space? The huge posters of Sam and Dean were what I got autographed at the convention...you can kinda see Jensen's auto on his arm and Jared's to the lower right of his head. Haha, that wasn't where I wanted them signed at all, but I guess they sign where I want to sign!

Um...so the Super!Wall has spread! :P

Saturday was THE day that we got to sleep in! Thank goodness for early pre-reg the night before, because I knew we would all need as much sleep as we could possibly get.

Anyway, isisfrog and I woke up headed down to our spot in the lobby to eat some breakfast and hang around until the con was officially ready to start.

Everyone I hung out with this weekend was so kind and awesome! We had a group of anywhere from 10-20 of us that would stick together, and it was so great getting to meet all of you! You all definitely made the weekend that much more fun!

Me and ames1010! Amy = Adorable! :P

Me and jeyhawk! It was SO great to get to meetcha!

Me and splashpink? This is where I start forgetting LJ names...

Me and augustfading! Yay!

Group photo!

Another group photo! This time with Canadian Jenn daydreamer1984 and...leaving out someone b/c I'm clueless on LJ name!

Please ignore the crazy woman!

So...let's think. The Vendor room opened at 12:30 but it was pretty much the same things. I was really surprised there weren't any card dealers, especially with the season 2 cards such a hit! I really think that the DragonCon dealers room has completely RUINED me for any other convention for the rest of my life! But I picked up some great 8x10 photos, Dean's amulet necklace for the rearview mirror of my car, and the Supernatural magazine, which isn't due out until the 27th! (Oh! And there IS a variant cover, I'm just not sure if it's for subscribers or what still...)

Up first! Samantha Ferris! Who I called either Sam or Ellen the entire weekend. And I was REALLY drunk when she came around for the desert party! But she was a BLAST!

I know that there are some transcripts up already, so I'm not going to take time out and do that myself. But she is just incredibly awesome. She's honest, she's funny, and she talks about whatever she wants to talk about.

She spoke about the strike, about her feelings on not being called back at the start of the season and replaced with two new, younger women, her work on some other shows that she has been on, and working with the boys. Sam also spoke a lot about her character, how her voice really works to BE Ellen. She did get a kick out of the reaction of the new girls, since it was more groans that cheers. I think she enjoyed hearing that.

(But really? I think the majority of fandom truly would rather have Ellen back than either girl. It just makes sense to have her, like...rooming with Bobby as the Odd Couple!)

HAHA, the funniest thing she said was talking about Jared, the king of pranks on set, was taking one of those bottles of canned air that you use to get dust out of your computer or keyboard, and was spraying it against everyone's ass. And they have fart cans and will be completely deadpanned when joking around with it.

Oh! And she also talked about Dean/Ellen and how there is so much of it! Someone offered to write an episode herself so that it could happen. But even Sam was saying how those boys are in layers that you never even see them shirtless.

And she also talked about what Ellen would drive and how she had it all worked out with Kripke if they ever got the chance to show it. It'd be a pristine, clean, white GMC truck.

And if she was on a deserted island, she'd want either one for different reasons and different nights. Oh Sam!

When Sam was up, since it was the first panel, I was too nervous to take any video. I was looking around everywhere, but by the time I was comfortable to even try to take video, she was almost through. I wasn't trying to get kicked out the day before Jared and Jensen! What DO I have? I have full audio of her panel! I will get to more info about that later.

(See that poster on the left? IT CAME HOME WITH ME! And I will get Jared and Jensen to sign it the next time I meet them. Thanks to everyone on my side of the room who supported me in my crazyass bidding war.)

Next up was Fredric Lehne, who was just hilarious and surprisingly so!

As everyone probably knows by now, Fred came out with a guitar and was AWESOME! I can't place the song he sang (Even though I KNOW I've heard it before!) and then ended it by saying how "they should live long enough to know the chewy taste of their own intestines."

Best opening ever!

He discussed the Jared and Jensen underwear, and that he is wearing both, one forwards and one backwards.

And when he got the part, they showed him what JDM had done in "Devil's Trap" to see how the YED works, and he said, "they said, 'do it better than him, please.'" Seriously, the guy is a huge joker!

Fred talked about different acting jobs he'd had, on Lost, X-Files, and filming the last scene. He talked about how hard it was wearing the yellow contacts that he couldn't see through to walk. They used lights and sandbags...the sandbags didn't work too well because he'd trip over them.

HAHA, one funny moment he was talking about was when he was filming Criminal Minds on location at a school, some kids saw him, and said, "oh, It's that EVIL GUY from Supernatural! HEY MR. EVIL GUY!" and how that's his niche. :P

He spoke about acting on stage and how his best and worst moments were that of stage work.

Continued in Saturday Part 2...
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