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Here's the motherload of CreationCon Video from Sunday!

OK! So...for those of you who have asked me how to save these vids or maybe they won't play for you, here is what you can do! Go to www.keepvid.com, use the permanent link for the video, and make sure you choose DailyMotion, and then save as a .flv file. Download the free FLV player and it will work!

Jensen's Panel:

Discussing filming emotional scenes and how he deals with it...I stopped and then it picks up right off with the 2nd part:

Filming and learning lines process, working with Jared, filming the scene at AHBL and with Kim, golfing, returning to Days.

At the start he is just joking about the strike, Dean's jewelry and how he picked it and his beer popping ring, working with his Dad and joking about Devour, and JARED INTERRUPTING!

Jared's Panel:

Jared acting like Jensen all serious faced and then "snots outta his nose on himself," his favorite love interest.

Their prank on Kim on "No Exit," his most memorable moment on SPN, working with Sandy

The last scene in "Bad Day" where Jared cracks up and turns away from the camera, past times while filming, the whole "Jensen's answer would have been better" and the scene where they are walking and Jared forgets his line....wow...I think you know which question I'm all talking about (It was the WTF moment of the con), keeping in touch with GG cast and Milo, his memory of drunk!Jensen (his reaction is great!), (OK, I lied, there is another WTF moment), and Jensen comes back out! And Jared has victory arms!

Jared and Jensen:

Favorite episodes, getting sidetracked and making faces, their Texas twang!, Blue Steel, bad ass Sam developing, greatest fear, not pranking Fred, pranking Jim with his toes,

The beret from Bagdhad presents Jared and Jensen with their letters and coins. OMG I was *this* close from crying only because you can SEE how choked up the boys get, especially Jared who just keeps staring at the letter and coin. It's such an honor and just WOW.

The boys give him a couple amazing gifts, Jared and spanish, fighting Jack Bower.

Again, this took FOREVER to do, so if you can please send people this way, or at least keep my name with the videos, I'd really, really appreciate it!
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