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So, shannenb, isisfrog, and I just pulled an all nighter!

The breakfast was moved up to 6:30, so we all realized we needed to be downstairs by 6:00, which meant getting up at 5:00 AM.

Which meant that we decided it would be easier to get no sleep than get 2 hours.

Steve's concert (which was awesome, BTW) started an hour late, so that meant that the desert party was also late! Both Fred and Sam came around to each table, and by the time Sam got to ours, I was totally wasted and loud! BUT! Sam remembered my name (we bonded over both being left handed) and answered MY question! :P

BOYS are so soon! I'm going to fall asleep, but it'll be okay as long as I can make it through their panels. THEN NAP.
Tags: chicago, creationcon, supernatural
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