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WinCon 2007!

So, I should be reading and studying because ZOMG I am SO incredibly behind on school work now, but instead I wanted to sit and write out my (incredibly LONG) report from the AMAZINGNESS that was WinCon 07! (with a small picspam at the end!)

(HAHA OMG I will never get old!)

Friday, October 12
So, my flight was departing from Norfolk, VA at 6:00 AM, which is a 2 hour drive from me. I left my house at 3:00 AM and although I was pretty damn tired, no big deal. I slept a bit on the plane rides. My plane had a layover in Dallas Ft. Worth (where I am NEVER going to again!) because we were grounded for over 3 hours because the plane was broken and they had to get another one from the hanger.

Anyway! I finally got to LAX and got my luggage and headed to the airport where I planned to meet up with black_regalia, baileytc, and haste AKA, the posse I'd be with for the weekend!

Oh! And I'm horrible with remembering names to faces (especially LJ names), so I'm sure I'll leave out people but please remind me!

I got registered and came in during the middle of the 3x02 viewing and then stayed for the panels. And halfshellvenus came up and said hi! It was great meeting her and getting to chat later! :)

The first panel, the Minor Characters was interesting. I wish we had gotten to talk about Andy some more, but I REALLY enjoyed the speculation about Ava and Hendrickson. Hendrickson especially is just an incredibly interesting character to me. Who totally should break Gordon out of jail and double team to get the boys!

After that was the Writing Erotica panel, and I TOTALLY didn't get the beginning of the panel! Something about assigning colors to pairings? Anyway, it was funny and talked about how to properly write sex scenes. Definitely the highlight was visual examples of body positions! :P

Then there was the Mythology panel, which was also great. I remember I really enjoyed the one from last year, and this year was great too. sparkymonster had some really interesting info to share with us!

Oh, and I just have to say that I have NEVER been to LA before now! So, it was incredibly exciting to see the gigantic palm trees, the LA-look to all the buildings, and how incredibly huge the city is. After the panels, the 4 of us along with mumbles11 went out for some grub. We drove to Boston Market and all got some food. This is about the point of time where my body is saying "WHY AREN'T YOU ASLEEP?!" and I can definitely feel it!

We all headed back to the hotel for the Vid Show and Karaoke time! The vids were great! I REALLY liked how we had MUCH more variation in vids this year, with Sam, Papa Winchester, and even the girls and demons. I especially enjoyed "Cheer Up," "Falling for the first time" and "Faithfully." I'm not a huge Kareoke fan, but it was fun to sing along to some of the songs people chose!

And then I went upstairs and crashed for the night b/c I think I had gone well over 24 hours with no sleep!

Saturday, October 13

Breakfast was up first and socializing was fun! After breakfast before the panels a HUGE circle of us sat around and talked about the first fan fic that we ever read...het, slash...first story you wrote, etc. And then I talked a LOT about the insanity that is ckll. HAHA, it's like we had a mini-unofficial panel about batshit wanking in the fandom but how compared to other fandoms it's a blip on the radar detector. It was wonderful.

Then we had the Het, Gen, Marysue, and Wincester Fic panel, which was great. I read mostly slash, but a few of the above fic types every now and then. I thought the panel was incredibly well done explaining each type and what types really fit into that category and so on.

And then was the Winchester Ethics, which was hands down the most heavily debated panel of the weekend! (Heck, black_regalia and I were saying it was more heavily debated than the Wincest vs. Not Wincest panel from last year!) And haha, it was all because of John Winchester! Which, let's face it, wonderful and completely flawed character, but a HORRIBLE father. Which is what we argued over. And also ethics of Sam and Dean and the Soldier military codes that so heavily dictate their life. I'm not sure who the main speaker was who defined the soldier code of ethics was at the very start of the panel, but she was great!

Then we had the vid show again/apparent bandom gathering. HAHA. Oh bandom! I don't understand it AT ALL but you guys are great.

And then. Ah. Then. Then there was the cracktastic amazingness that was American Fic Idol. Oh. My. GOD. HILARIOUS!

It started out so serious...a 2 page handout, explainations on how to beta, the process, likes and dislikes, serious questions and suggestions. And then that all went down the hill.

When you start with well balanced Dean!leopard fic with a talking tail? You know things are going to get intersting. Oops...Accidental buttsex. "Oh, by the by, we're missing a page of this. It's going to be awesome." Jensen the paramedic, Jared is a pantsless a trench-coat wearing, dick-that-won't-move police officer. "Gleamed manevolently." Pre-lubed. The 18 inch long dildo that was pointed at the end. WRONG leopard physionatamy. Toungue was too rough. DO NOT WANT! Surprise!mpreg! Jared suddenly in the Sam/Dean sex scene. Palm trees in Minnesota. Eye colors: blue-red, aquamarine, sapphire, luminescent, lavendar, anime eyes, brown, ceurelan. How EVERY story started with "it was a dark and story night" or "once upon a time" or both, and one had "except it was bright and sunny one alley over." Self-lubricating anus. Sam was "Same" once. Sigils. Tears that would heal bullet wounds. "Take my love, for my heart and my ass are already yours." BAD BAD sex scenes.

I was crying because I was laughing so hard. People were screaming to make the leopard!fic stop. OMG. Awesome. We clearly need to do this every year, have more time for fics, and have sparkymonster read the stories. Because she cleary wins for being about the seriously read that without dying of laughter.

I think huggenkiss recorded the panel, or at least I hope someone did because I NEED a copy of that!

Then we hung out. Somewhere along the day I met shay_renoylds. Or maybe that was at the dinner. Where I also met chaneen. The dinner was fun. The food was good. The Holy Water was AMAZING! shay_renoylds, I don't remember what the red and blue was! You started the trend!

Oh! And I never got your LJ name, but whoever came up to thank me for the Asylum post? OMG that's like the kindest thing anyone's ever done as far as taking the time to come up in person and say what you did. Thank YOU so much, that was a pleasant surprise! :)

And then we all went up and hung out together...I think there were like 7 of us or so. Or 8. Someone else came in later. I would like to say that this was the one thing I felt was a bit off with this year's WinCon. I know that room parties were kinda shut down because many got in trouble last year. Ours was not one of them. But because of that, I felt like I didn't really know where anyone was staying, where as last year we all kinda knew where folks were. Last year we had anywhere from 8 - 20+ people in the room, but we had quiet discussions going on and watched 2x01-2x03. And ordered Chinese. And told ghost stories.

Anyway, it was fun talking and chilling together! It's like it builds up for a year and I get to let everything out for one weekend in October.

Sunday, October 14
Breakfast (where I met follow Richmonder sophie_448!), people leaving (and it seems that it pretty much cleared out very quickly)...it's all kinda bittersweet. My flight wasn't leaving until 12:55 AM Monday the 15, so all 4 of us had a lot of time to kill.

After breakfast, we hung out and then I got dropped off in Beverly Hills to do some damage with my credit card. Which I did. I was originally going to Robertson Ave, but then I quickly said "forget that!" and headed to Rodeo Dr. Oh. My shopping heart was filled with joy at seeing Gucci, Channel, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Versace, Louis Viutton, and so many other designers on one amazing street. My designer of choice is Dior, and I splurged on a pair of pumps.

DIOR! <3

And my shoes! But they aren't all leather like these. Mine have the signature jacquard print on the sides. *sigh* I LOVE Dior.

Then I went to the LA County Art Museum, which had an AMAZING Salvadore Dali exhibit that was opening yesterday! Perfect timing! They had a great selection of all of his works. Including "Persistence of Memory," which was a LOT smaller than I thought it was. I feel like people should say that Dali's painting is a lot smaller in person rather than the Mona Lisa. They were showing "Un chien andalou," which I've seen a few times as an art history major but still squicks me out every time I see that opening montage.

The rest of the gallery was GREAT compared to those I've seen near me. They had some amazing paintings, sculpture work, and this great building specifically for Japanese work.

After that, black_regalia, baileytc, haste, and I went to the IHOP for food before I left for my flight back home. And you all know that took forever as well.

Anyway! CON WAS AMAZNG. I miss you all already! And I can't wait for next year's!

Seriously, you guys on my flist who I met this weekend are the best! I wish we had gotten more time to talk, some of you espcially, but there is always next year!
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