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DragonCon Saturday Cont.

This post is all about Saturday after the parade!

I have 8 or 9 videos from both panels along with photos, so those of you who want the real deal on seeing Mark and Ron and then James, Juliet, Elizabeth, and Ken - they are great to watch! It was especially great to hear so much from Elizabeth, who has never really said much about the Angelverse.

So....we went to the Firefly panel first, which was great because Ron Glass was here!

Eventually Ron couldn't take it anymore. He said that he felt "flat" or something and made Mark stand up with him! :P

Hee! Ron's look of confusion!

Here we go! Crappy pictures of the Buffy panel! But AWESOME panel, seriously!

Make sure to watch the videos - I got the majority of this panel and the Firefly one! James quotes some Shakespeare and Juliet says "Spank me til Tuesday!"

Here is a guy I met at the con who was very nice! He was...some anime character who would go up to people and ask if they would bear his children. SO he asked me.

Hello Kitty Darth Vader! EXCELLENT!

DRUNK! We're all DRUNK! I had to sit down b/c I was leaning in my heels. OMG. Waiting in line for the shindig was so much fun!


Me and Ola! Both drunk off our asses! Me moreso than him that night, I think. I had to lean against him ALL night long. But, in all seriousness, it was good having him there since I was a bit wasted.

The BEST clip from the weekend! Juliet quoting some Dru quotes! And James quoting some Shakespeare! Seriously, his voice gave me chills.

Tomorrow! Sunday! Panels! I get drunk but there is no evidence this time!
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