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Saturday at DragonCon!

DragonCon Saturday!

Definitely NOT dial up friendly!

Saturday, my friends and I woke up to see the parade. The first year, I was in the parade, and last year I slept through most of it, so I wanted to make sure that I got to see the whole thing!

The start to the parade:

Look! It's Erik Estrada! HAHA.

Anime related stuff...

Looks like it's pirates coming up!

Yep. Pirates. ARRRRRGGGGG!

Best Barbossa EVER.

Predator! And some Aliens were in the mix too.

Semifinalists of So You Want to be a Superhero. HAHA.


HAHA look at the Power Ranger looking up into the sky! I bet that costume is from 1993 and just in good condition.

Harry Potter! The two leading the banner are Fred and George...one had this HUGE gauze over her ear, and then Sunday night at the Yule ball, she said, "he's gone to heaven..." Hee!

BUFFY! The Browncoats totally kicked ya'll's asses this year in the parade!


BROWNCOATS! We ROCKED. And I think next year I really will dress up as Inara from Shindig.

Awesome Badger

Browncoats! We had a freakin' army!


Mmmm. Arms. Some of those guys were lookin' pretty good.

Harry Potter!

MONTY PYTHON! Camelot! Oh, SO many good jokes!

Tim. And the white rabbit.

Nichelle Nichols. DUDE. Living icon and such an important part of cult and even mainstream history. Legend, and just incredible person. And I almost ran into her - literally - at the convience shop in the Marriott.


Star Trek with some bling.

Klingon death crusier?

OK. I LOVE Sherri's books. I've had problems with the last 2 or 3, but I love her series. Um. Really? Is this necessary? When there are SO many other series of books that deserve the fame MORE than her's? LKH? Kim Harrison? Hell, Christine Feehan has been doing this longer.

In continuing my rant...There is NO purpose of people dressing up, in whatever they want to wear since there is nothing in any of the books to say how the characters really truly dress. What's with all the Simi support? Why can't we get back to Nick and the characters in New Orleans? *sigh*


Thing! On a truck!

EXCELLENT Indiana Jones and his dad. *so upset Sean Connery won't b in Indy 4*

This? Excellent!

Because they're leading Nazi's and the crowd was cheering.

League of their own! <3

Is that a lightsaber, or are you just happy to see me?

HEEE! Stormshipt troopers the cheap way!

Coming up next..., a Buffy and Firefly panel, and my drunken fun at the shindig!
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