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I'm sorry I keep posting, BUT! PICSPAM!

Clearly, Jensen's right hand is in Jared's back pocket, right? :P He's all like, "Yep, here we go again."


Lumberjack!Jared (proven from the Climbing Jensen Like a Tree photo)

LOVE this photo.

And I LOVE happy photos with the two of them!

Mmmm. Layers.

Haha. I know it's an older photo, but it cracks me up.

As does this. Because Jensen hanging with Andrew Kegan? That's just HILARIOUS in my mind!

Heee! Oh Jensen! I feel like with him attending these cons and coming out after AFGM, it's given us fans a chance to see him not as reserved and "shy" but more laid back and chill.

Thank you to moonilicious for getting us nonwatermarked pics!
P.S. I am LOVING Twilight! Clearly, I'll be spending all of tonight reading.
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