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Jensen in Hollywood Life - huge scans!

I went out tonight and found ONE LONE copy of Hollywood Life at my B&N - whew! So what it's only three FOUR! photos - PINK AND STUBBLE. YUM.

Here's the top blurb for the shoot:

"Who's got the heat? These six fine young things do. They may be posing as the leisurely set here, chicly lounging away the summer days, but don't be fooled - the careers of these busy young Hollywooders are burning up."

And there is this bit about Jensen:

"Names like Jensen Ackles, who, after stealing scenes on the TV shows Dark Angel and Smallville, is now patrolling America's highways, winning hearts and vanquishing demons on the CW's Thursday night hit Supernatural. We'd love to see his Dean Winchester face off against Candice Wilmer, the creepy shape-shifter on NBC's Heroes..."

See that? "Thursday night hit." :D

And I liked this too (cries a little bit for Drive):

"Starting up her own engines is Emma Stone, one of the stars of the new FOX show Drive, about a group of people competing in an illegal cross-country road race (maybe she should keep an eye out for the Winchesters)."

"These rising thesps know that Young Hollywood is nothing if not competitive, and they are determined to succeed. We're rooting for them."

Different photo! This is on the Table of Contents page at the beginning of the magazine.

*drools all over keyboard*

But seriously, I hope the guy is getting some much needed rest before filming starts up again. And I wish we had some new photoshoots from Jared!
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