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More clips from AsylumCon!

Since so many people requested more clips, here are more videos that I have from various panels over the AsylumCon weekend with the other awesome guests! All are uploaded at DailyMotion, but you can easily save them with www.keepvid.com by using the permanent URL of the video and choosing DailyMotion.

Alan Ritchson singing at the end of his Sunday panel:

Here is the most requested video, I think! Here is part of Justin Hartley's Sunday panel (cut in 2 vids so I could upload it faster). I absolutely love this guy! He was so entertaining to listen to him babble on and on! ;) I just LOVE it when he explains how he is NOT changing his daughter's diapers anymore and he just pauses and says, "God, what am I talking about?" Also, purplephoenix03, I think he's talking to you when he says to not visit Detroit, right? ;) Also - having to look down to know which direction to look at, wanting his wife's voice for his GPS, and talking with his southern accent!

This is pretty short, but here is Alona talking about going into the army right after high school and then the change from filming in Israel to the US. I love this girl, and I did feel bad when later on she was talking about reading the reactions to Jo online b/c many people were pretty harsh, myself included. But y'know, I'm not a huge fan of Jo and still am not, honestly. However, I would like to see her back in S b/c she's gotta come find Ellen!

Another short one of Nicki talking about working with JDM:

Here are two of my absolutely FAVORITE songs by Jason Manns, "Visions" and "Your Song." I wish I had gotten his entire opening statement for "Visions". I think it was something along the lines of, "I love that you guys are clapping" and we all think he means applauding after each song, so we just start clapping right away, which makes him laugh, but then he explains that he means during the songs.

And I really wish it had been like an actual concert setting rather than a drink/socialize/round tables setting because the focus should have been on Jason rather than drinking and talking. People could have talked together outside, in the lounge, or whatever, rather than talking the entire time while this guy is singing his heart out. /complaining

Anyway, I have 5 other videos of his songs if anyone missed the show!

And then here are 3 clips from Saturday's first panel with Justin Hartley and Alan Ritchson. Alan seems like such a huge adorkable sweetie and Justin is just hilarious. "Britney Spears. DONE. Next question!" I think this guy was made to do comedy. Justin and Alan spend way too much time talking about MySpace, and they were funny together.

I think I have a little bit of audio from the Saturday panel with Allison and then Nicki, Alona, and Brooke. Both are a bit difficult to make out at times, but I think for the people who were there and remember hearing it originally, it comes back to you really quickly, if that makes sense. Let me know if you're interested. And enjoy the videos!
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