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OMG. I can't believe we are down to the final two episodes of the season. It feels like just last month that we were all sitting down and squeeeeing about the season premiere! It's all flown by!

Tonight's episode? WONDERFUL. I wrote this up while the episode was on and during commercial breaks...




Just so heartbreaking.

His reaction to seeing his mom, asking her what she always said to him (yay for continuity!), to looking at all the photos, to just hugging her again and again. And wanting to hang out with her. Just DEAN AND HIS MOM.

And the funny prom photos and the family wearing Christmas hats. OH PHOTOS! That calls for screencaps!

And eating a sandwich with pure joy. Haha, Dean is always hungry. And apparently, he still drinks a lot. I love how that is everyone's first assumption.

TO MOWING THE LAWN WITH GLEE AND HAPPINESS TO "WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD" Dean! Haha, not so good with changing direction with the lawn mower, huh? Haha, and waving to the neighbor and he responds with a complete WTF expression.

And I LOVED how he practically mauled Jess when he saw her. How freakin' happy he was that she was alive, even though he barely knew her from the Pilot. And Dean was just so HAPPY FOR SAM going to law school and being with Jess in California. And I LOVED seeing Sam and Jess together. They're just so cute. And Dean is constantly calls him "Sammy."

But, he quickly finds out what he gave up in this alternate 'verse. Because he kept his Mom, Dad died a peaceful, natural death, got the domestic life, cool girlfriend, but lost his entire relationship with Sam. And that is what is an essential part of Dean - Sam. OH BOYS. They only talk on holidays? I just...can't imagine the loss of that relationship for Dean.

OUCH for that talk Sam had with Dean.

And wow, just seeing all the past hunts and how everyone they saved died b/c Sam and Dean weren't there. WOW. And of course, that's when he realizes that he can't get the happy life at the cost of so many lives.

The scene where he was standing over Papa Winchester's grave, wanting to know why they had to save everyone. Just - OMG JENSEN. Great acting. That scene was excellent.

And I LOVE how they mirror the pilot exactly with Sam and Jess sleeping to when Dean breaks in. And how easy he took down Sam and answered the same way. EXCELLENT.

And then Sam is coming with him he goes "Bitch" and Sam doesn't respond with "jerk." OH HEARTBREAK.

And he threw out Sam's phone! HEE!

And it's just absolutely cruel and sooooo sad to see them all standing there, trying to convince him to stay with them. Mary, Jess, Carmen, and then Sam standing in front of him.

But Sam gets to Dean and Dean pulls himself out of the dream, Sam gets choked by the djinn (OH SHOW! Never change!), and the BOYS ARE RIGHT AGAIN. It's awful that they lost so much in their own lives, but they have saved so many other.

Gotta love this exchange at the end:
Dean: "Just a wish. I wished for Mom to live. Mom never died. We never went hunting, and you and me just never...uh. You know."
Sam: "Yeah. Well I'm glad we do."

And I KNOW they're talking about hunting, but I said *snicker* "Have sex."

AND THE PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK. OMG. OH. MY. GOD. Just the last few seconds of it with the two on the ground. Seriously. I can't take it.

Oh! And did anyone get the new plates for both the Impala in the real world and the dream one? I'm sure they mean something.
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