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Tonight's episode? Funniest EVER!

OMG, I love how our boys can, in one episode, do a complete 180 and and make me laugh the ENTIRE time they're on screen! I love that we can get these nice breaks from all the seriousness and just get something that, although filler, is just so ridiculous and great.

I loved the previously recap, with Hell House, and the fact that they TOTALLY changed the music when Dean turned on his car. Oh show. Never change! And I loved seeing all the words they call each other, "jerk" and "bitch"


I love Sam's version of the story with Dean's chipmunk cheeks and him stuffing whatever it was (chocolates?) into his mouth and still trying to talk. OMG. Please. Animated icon SOON. HEEE!

I love Dean's version of the bar story with Sam just going BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAAAAAAAA and the girl he is hitting on is all classy and they're both so proper and Dean is all gentlemanly.

I love Sam's version where Dean is drunk!faced with purple urples and Starla (?) is holding her vomit in and Dean goes "yah, alright!" like the drunk!Dean that he was!

I love how Bobby says that Sam and Dean are bickering like an old married couple! (And they TOTALLY are!)

And I know we all saw it on the director's cut, but I LOVE Sam going "I adknowledge your pain." and "You brave little soldier." and "You're just too precious for this world" and how Dean always makes Sam out to be pansy and girly. Sam's face when he's hugging that guy - OMG I couldn't breathe!

I love how Sam makes Dean to be this complete manwhore and Dean thinks of Sam as a pussy. Who is in love with his laptop.

OOH! I love that Dean has a thing for Asians. Because, well. *sigh*

I love how this episode is like the definitive ep for bitchface!Sam!

I love how we want hugs, but we get sexy bed wrestling instead. OK, I'll take it! GAH! OMG that was great. And how Bobby says he's heard enough and stops them before they have sex is wonderfully done!

I love that Bobby came and had to listen to both of their bitching and both sides of the story and when he finally says what's up, he talks to Sam and Dean like they're both 10.

I love how Kripke is on LJ SOMEWHERE! HE HAS TO BE! Stalking all of our journals, reading our fanfics, making Bobby AWESOME...

So, this might not go down in SPN as the best episode ever, but it was freakin' hilarous and I loved the style of the episode and just how ridic it was!

And I would LOVE to see some outtakes from this on the DVD set with bloopers. You KNOW that the boys had fun filming this episode!

But BOO! No new episode until March 15? I thought the point of February sweeps month was to have new episodes all month long. *twiddles thumbs and waits for the 15th*

And also? My friend at work has the BAD Peter Pan peanut butter and definitely had some yesterday! GAH! That's not good!

So now I'm off to watch Grey's and last night's Bones. Woooo!
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