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Today I had a manager meeting at work at 8:00, came back and slept through my first class because the power went off and my alarm didn't go off, woke up for a late lunch and watched "Croatoan" for the 123984358 time, and then went to my second class before coming home and plopping myself down in front of the TV for Super!Nite!



Good GOD. I don't even know where to start.

Just - GAH! The Demon - Meg's demon, which is an idea that I totally love by the way - possessing Sam and making him do all sorts of EVOL!, badass, and HOTASS stuff. GOOD GOD. I don't even know where to begin.

So...the beginning. I loved how desperate Dean is and that he refuses to shoot Sam/not!Sam. Even when Sam puts in the gun in Dean's hand he won't. OMG OUR BOYS LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. I don't care that Sam was technically possessed at the time, DAMMIT, it was a touching scene.

I love that we find out that EVOL!Sam was drinking and SMOKING! And then Dean said that was more of his thing! So...is canon Dean a smoker?

And let's just say it right now before anything else - EVOL!Sam is just the most hotass thing EVER! GOOD GOD! OK, so maybe the whole thing with Jo, not so much, but just his swager and his attitude is just badass and droolalicious. Jared did an amazing job in this episode just acting like a completely different person. I love it when pansy boy characters (Clark, Angel, etc) turn bad ass and are cooler than when they're normal. So, Sam isn't necessarily cooler when possessed, but he was still pretty damn hot as possessed!Sam.

And I admit that I laughed when he sang "My dad shot your dad in the head" to Jo.

Because, let's admit it, it was kinda funny.

Eee! AND OMG! HE SHOT DEAN! That entire scene with both of them hunting each other down was just pretty HOT. Because they know each other's moves so well but GAH. And BOO that Jo found him, but whatever. And Jensen has AMAZING biceps. *DROOL*

And then the entire exorcism scene. OMG. Kripke is trying to kill us with the hotness! Sam screaming and then just laughing and breaking the Devil's Trap and then breaking lose and beating up Dean. Dear god, that has H/C fics written all over it!

After all that intensity and all, I love how their last scene in the car together = <3. Dean saying that he will only kill Sam if he can't save him, and he refuses to give up on saving him. Sam is totally Dean's faith - Looking out fo Sam and keeping him safe is what gets him through each day after day. GAH, I just love that with each new episode it just shows us how much these two brothers love each other and will literally do anything, kill anyone, WHATEVER, to keep the other safe.

Hee! "You had a girl inside you all week. That's kinda naughty." or whatever the line was! HEE! Sooooo Dean. But I'm lving how they just keep adding to the list of thing that are after them - the yellow eyed demon, the FBI and that one agent especially, and now Meg's demon. I wonder if the other demon, the yellow-eyed demon's son will get in the picture soon?

So basically the entire episode was me going "OH SHIT! OH FUCK!" to the screen as each new scene happened. It was an INTENSE episode! But it was full of great action, great ACTING from everyone, and wonderful, wonderful plot continuation! WOO!

And after watching this episode, it makes me wonder if this is possibly what happened to Ava. Maybe something didn't kill her fiance, maybe technically she did, and maybe she had been having all those evil feelings Sam was going through (or was he since the demon was in him by then?) but maybe that is more along the lines of what happened to her.

But tonight was WONDERFUL! I'm really hoping that there isn't a lot of negative reviews from this episode - because really? I've had enough of that. So I hope everyone loved tonight's episode just as much as I did!

And I put up a new layout at my LJ late last night! It's a photo-collage of season 1 and season 2 all together. It's not like the most amazingest thing ever, but I enjoyed making it!
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